“Another blog post about ass play, Mistress Rachel?” Yes, bitch. You ought to know Me by now. I am un-apologetically obsessed with exploiting your ass. Strap-on play? Oh yes! Fingerbanging? Assume the position. Hell, you know that if I get a wild hair, I might even practice some analingus on that starfish before I open it up, just to make you feel like more of a slut. But today I want to focus on the pleasure and humiliation potential of the assplug. A specific kind of assplug. The remote control kind.

I’ve been vocal about My excitement in discovering the Lovense line of toys. I thought I’d update all of you on the fun I’ve been having with a couple of the remote control butt sluts I’ve acquired since. And the disclaimer, if it’s needed by anyone: I’ve got their permission to share a bit about their anal enslavement. In fact, I’m fairly certain they’re reading right now, with bated breath and a throbbing in their pants. Both front, and back, for that matter.

(Neither of you have permission to touch yourselves, by the way.)

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Technically the Lovense assplug is called the Hush.

There’s also a dedicated prostate toy called the Edge. And other toys, to boot. Either way, I get so excited whenever I take a look at the stats for My page on Lovense toys and see how many of you are at least curious. That curiosity has turned into action for quite a few. I’ve got a sizable stable of bois and sissies who call Me regularly, begging for this particular brand of stimulation of the slut spot.

How do I do so?

This is the Hush. Click the photo to go to the product page!

Let Me count the ways:

  • Delicious desperation in a cockteasing session: I don’t allow them to touch their cock. The prostate stimulation makes them so frustrated! Obviously, begging ensues. The increasingly plaintive tones as I toggle between intensity levels? Delightful!
  • Milking a cock in chastity: A Lovense assplug is the next best thing to having them laid over the arm of My couch with My fingers buried in their fuckhole!
  • Guided masturbation with prostate stimulation: It seems to add exponentially to the eventual explosive pleasure.
  • Pursuit of prostate orgasm via a Lovense assplug, no stroking needed or desired.

Often, it’s a combination of two or more of the above!

Read on for the featured titillating “[cases] in point”.

*Carlie* is now My Lovense assplug sissy slave.

You may know *carlie* from the comments section of many of My posts, particularly those dealing with feminization and cuckolding. *Carlie* works from home during this pandemic, and he/r wife works outside. *Carlie’s* wife doesn’t have much interest in sex with he/r, given that he/r wife likes MEN. W/e’ve decided she is probably getting it elsewhere, likely during the workday. I’ve been encouraging *carlie* to surrender further to he/r sissy nature, to prepare for the inevitable day that s/he will be cuckolded openly.

This has been a challenge for *carlie*. Although s/he has no business having sex with women that doesn’t involve a strap-on and/or oral servitude, s/he is still very centered on the thought of putting he/r clitoris inside of he/r wife as a man would his cock. In fact, s/he is also too fixated on touching he/r clitoris for he/r own good, as well as many other inappropriately heterosexual thoughts.

I decided I needed to break (or at least curtail) *carlie’s* habit of rubbing he/r clitoris as if it were a cock, while at the same time, conditioning he/r to become a bit more dependent on he/r sissy pussy for pleasure and release. Also, prickteasing and torment serves as proper humiliation and punishment for the undeserved liberties s/he attempts to take with women in word, thought, and deed.

While the hotwife is away, Mistress and sissy will play!

It was easy enough to convince “carlie” to give a remote control assplug a try; s/he’s a slut, after all. Some of you reading this may blush with self-recognition when I say that a submissive horndog can be convinced to do anything slutty when they’re aroused. Besides, *carlie* had already been playing with dildos. W/e’d been fantasizing together about what might become of he/r slut cave further on down the line of he/r development as a sissy cuckold. Mostly all I had to do was tell he/r how hard it would make he/r cum.

W/e decided that a good idea would be to have he/r insert the plug during a window of time in he/r workday. It would be up to Mistress Rachel as to when turn it on.

And then off.

And then on again.

Or up.

And then down.

Buzzing sissy pussy, denied clitty!

Of course, during that two or three hour period, s/he would not be allowed to touch he/r clitoris. That would be reserved for the call (usually) immediately following. This concurrent prostate stimulation and masturbation management was supplemented by carefully-chosen cuckold and sissification porn.

Whenever the buzzing butt plug was on, I would receive increasingly sissified images in the Lovense chat window, like snapshots from he/r fantasies, as well as mostly-unintelligible text messages communicating some semblance of frantic pleasure. This was evidence that the training was taking effect. By the time W/e connected voice to voice for the post-training phone call, s/he was as pliable as jello for the implantation of various ideas.

When *carlie* and I first began to have sessions many moons ago, I would weave fantasies for he/r that included many of he/r secret desires while s/he stroked he/rself. It didn’t take long, once the Hush was involved before s/he began to ask for teasing sessions with the assplug.

Needless to say, I think I will soon have he/r begging for more than even that.

Zack is a secret cuckold faggot.

Among other things.

If you were just meeting Zack, you might think he was your stereotypical masculine young Southern male: clean cut, hardworking, conservative, stoic. He married a girl you’d stereo-typically expect such a man to marry–sweet, pretty, wholesome. A bit vanilla in the bedroom.

Men of the type Zack would like the world to think he is usually want a woman as close to a tabula rasa as they can get. And that’s fine, except for one problem:

Zack is a submissive, kinky whore.

Do you think he told his wholesome wife about his appetite for cuckold, coerced bi, and strap-on porn before he married her?

Of course he didn’t. He didn’t after, either.

And now s/he’s less than satisfied, because Zack wants to BE the pillow princess, not to make love to one.

Click the pic to see the product page for the Edge!

He bought TWO Lovense toys. The Max 2 was fun to try out with him, but it will probably be no surprise when I tell you that the Edge is the most fun for both of U/s. After all, he was cramming things in his cunt long before I got My proverbial hands on him; that hole came to Me hungry.

He’s such a shameless exhibitionist slut that I do believe W/e even tried his new toys out when he was in a boat in the middle of a lake!

I wonder who he was wishing would row by and catch him, and how big their oar might be.

Anyway, add to that, on occasion, the talented and erotic assistance of My Mistress Sister Empress Jenna, I’ve exploited both that sissy hole and the depraved mind that came with it for all I was worth!

Fuckjuice dripping, panty-wearing, cum-eating cocksucker!

When I first started talking to Zack voice to voice, he didn’t even come across as submissive. He even sounded a bit quietly cocky, if you want to know the truth. But the important thing is, he followed directions and took correction well. He was even eager for it, including legs-over-head cum eating humiliation.

Add in the Edge, however, and his simpering, submissive, sissy self shone through even more!

Nice try attempting to sound as if you had any dignity, Zack. One slide of My remote controller, and there was desperate moaning, begging, contortions, and confessions of all kinds.

Weren’t there, Zack?

Turning the Edge up to levels one or two made for the loudest slutty moans, especially when paired with Mistress-woven daydreams. Like the one where he’s tied to the bed, Edge stuffed in deep and buzzing away, while next to him, his pretty little wife-turned-hotwife has her legs up over the shoulders of a real man. Someone who deserves her, plunging his big fat dick into her neglected pussy.

Anyway, at levels one and two, Zack moaned lustily and noisily, but could still talk. Namely agreeing, with some prodding, that he didn’t know of whom he was more jealous, the cuckold bull, or his wife.

Turning the Edge up to levels three or four rendered him almost speechless. The moans were still there, but forget about coherent sentences. And level four left on for a good long time eventually caused his cuckold cock to ooze slut cream, without a single stroke.

There he’d be left, rightfully humiliated and completely drained, until the next time.

Needless to say, I look forward to when that might be, with diabolical glee!

There’s a Lovense assplug with your name on it.

Some of you are rock hard by now, and your own slut spot is throbbing. Don’t deny it.

Lucky for you, there’s endless amounts of room on My remote-controlled ass slave roster, if there’s room in your budget for a toy!

Follow any of the links on this page to learn more about those, and feel free to drop Me an E-mail to tell Me more about you. Well, mainly how, with the help of a Lovense toy, I can hopefully make you another one of My jibbering, begging, squirting butt sluts!

I’ve mentioned some particular kinks here in this post, but prostate stimulation pairs well with practically any kink. All the more tools at My disposal.

So, happy fantasizing, and perhaps, happy shopping!

Until next time, subbies!


Mistress Rachel, Assplug Afficianado!