Hello there, horny readers!

Most of my regular playmates have gotten used to looking for me in the late evenings, and on through until morning.  I do love those late night hours, since it seems that for many, the naughtiest thoughts and fantasies seem so much easier to confess in the dead of night.  At the same time, I’m curious about all of you naughty boys who crave your nasty at 3pm in place of  the last cup of coffee of the day.  Anything to get the blood going, after all.

Therefore, I’m moving my scheduled hours a bit.  I’ll be coming to play with all stroke sluts, horny sissies, dildo holsters, and all other submissives who crave to be controlled, starting at 4pm EST and teasing and controlling all cummers until 4am EST.  That’s what you can expect formally.  Many days, you might be able to substitute lunch for a little tease and denial, as I may just be signed on by then as well!

For those of you who tend to wake up in the morning craving my special brand of control, and can see that my new schedule makes things a little different for you, never fear!  Just contact me anytime during my scheduled hours, and make an appointment for some training for that morning wood!