Hello Horny Readers!

As many of you may know, each year during Her Enchantrix Anniversary month, a Mistress will be available for one day, during the hours of Her choice, to provide a FREE 10 MINUTE CALL to every caller who’s purchased an LDW service before.  Of course, you can also opt for a longer session, and LDW will subtract the ten free minutes for you!  I suggest calling to speak with one of our friendly dispatchers rather than using Click to Call, to make sure you are able to avail yourself of this treat!

Even if it’s been years since your last call, you’ll be able to take advantage of this amazing promotion!  As I have been teasing and training and punishing and pounding horny boys with LDW for three years as of this August, I’ve decided to start the month off right with my Featured Day on the 1st!

Here is my schedule on my Featured Day:

12am to 4amEST
5am to 9amEST
10am to 2pmEST
3pm to 7pmEST
8pm to 12amEST

I may stick around to take a few more calls after Midnight on August 2nd, since I know many of you are used to seeing me until 4amEST, but I can’t promise I’ll stick around until the wee hours!

If you’ve never spoken to one of our lovely Ladies before, but you’d like to take advantage of this promotion on My day or that of any of My scintillating Sisters in the future, now is the time to call!  Remember, only those who have purchased a service from us before will be eligible for this promotion!

I also suggest you send Me an E-mail to discuss your interests if you’re at all concerned that you and I won’t be a match for your session!  I want to be sure that you enjoy every one of your ten free minutes!

Any questions?  Feel free to contact Me at Rachel@enchantrixempire.com, or our helpful Customer Service Center at support@enchantrixempire.com.

Want to know what other Delicious and Dominant Mistress will be celebrating Her featured day soon?  See the calendar here:


Can’t wait to explore you on August 1!