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Do you fantasize about your key, dangling here?


Hello, Horny Readers! Are you turned on by the idea, not just of orgasm denial, but long-term orgasm denial? Does the thought of a chastity Mistress controlling not only whether or not you can masturbate or when you can cum, but whether or not you’re even allowed an erection, frighten and thrill you all at once? Have you been curious about extreme cock control, but have a hard time following through with exploration? I understand. Beginning chastity training is like hang gliding for the first time–you can stand at the precipice forever trying to work up the nerve to jump!

But just like hang gliding, you don’t go from looking it up on the internet to taking a running start off of a cliff the next day. At least you don’t in My chastity training.

If analogy helps you to picture it, My way of doing things is more like teaching you to enjoy a sauna.  At first, you may only be able to stand the heat for a few minutes before you need to get out and take a roll in the snow or a leap into the lake. But as you become accustomed to the heat, and even discover some benefits, you can stay in for increasing lengths of time. Especially if you can concentrate on its therapeutic value, rather than whether or not you exactly enjoy it.


Beginning chastity: Stage 1


The first stage in beginning chastity training under My control is a session, where you and I simply get to know each other. You tell Me something about why you’re curious about chastity, and orgasm denial in general. You tell Me what kind of . . . administration you feel works best for you.

For example, if you and I agree that you need to mortify your flesh for some perceived or real sin (like a pindick who has lied by omission to get pussy), I won’t bother trying to hide My scorn, and it will make it easier for Me to have less empathy for your desperation as the cock-locked days tick by.

If you’re someone who simply wants to explore this form of extreme orgasm denial, and need someone to keep you honest, I’m more than willing to be the controlling co-pilot on your expedition of self-discovery!

There are, of course, places in between the two of those positions and attitudes as well. It’s just a matter of the two of U/s finding out where you belong!


Beginning Chastity: Stage 2


Next, W/e’ll set goals and establish expectations. The goals will be a cooperative enterprise to a degree, but the expectations will be mostly Mine. No matter the tone, this is a Femdom scenario W/e’re talking about.

How will W/e establish initial goals? Well first, I like to find out how often a male chastity sla–uh, student is accustomed to masturbating. Then, I decide how long the first stint should be based on that information. Generally it will be a day or two longer than the longest they think they can go without orgasm before they start to feel withdrawal symptoms: irritability, trouble concentrating, and intrusive sexual thoughts, to name a few. But really, it depends on the subject, and on the information gleaned from stage 1.

With regard to expectations, this will be, for example, how you will check in with Me to prove you haven’t been tampering with your device, or how you’ll get in touch when you need support and encouragement. We’ll also need to establish how often you can expect Me to be available to you for those purposes. For some of you, there will be penalties and punishments for different failures. But again, that depends on the nature of the chastity training you and I establish that you require.


Beginning chastity: Stage 3


Come explore beginning chastity with Mistress Rachel! 1-800-356-6169


Finally, you will purchase your cage, keys, and later on for those of you who progress to long-term chastity, a toy for milking your prostate. I am always available to help you with advice as to which cages are best in My experience, but it’s really a good idea for you to do some Googling to help you make sure you’re choosing the right size, material, and type for your lifestyle. Pages like this are an excellent resource, for example.

**EDIT 2/8/23** Please consult this comprehensive blog post I wrote more recently on how to choose a chastity device.

When and if the time comes where you’ll choose a toy for prostate milking, I will try to contribute My expertise impartially, and not just based on what will arouse Me to see you cram in your ass. *giggle*


Ready? Set? Click.


Well, I may or may not get to enjoy the finality of the clicking sound of the padlock closing, because I prefer that chastity pets use the serial-numbered, plastic variety. Aside from the fact that these make it easier for Me to confirm that you’re behaving yourself, they offer an extra bit of assurance that in an emergency situation, you can get yourself out. But if you prefer the traditional padlock, there are still ways I can make sure you make the keys hard to get at.

I’ll still need proof that you’re following through.

I suppose that “click” remark struck a bit of fear in some of you, even after I’ve told you how gradually and thoughtfully I will imprison your co–I mean, how gradually and thoughtfully W/e will approach beginning chastity. But if you’re reading this, I have a feeling that one day, your curiosity will overcome your fear.

And when that time comes, I’ll be here!

Meanwhile, enjoy the little audio below, entitled, “Why Chastity?”


Miss Rachel, your beginning chastity Mistress!