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Bi-curious to Gay is Sometimes the Way!


Could you be a gay boy hiding in a bi-curious boy’s shadow?

You know horny readers, I talk to a lot of boys who describe themselves as bi-curious.  Some of them may very well be just that, meaning that in general, their attachments and attractions both emotional and physical have always been with women, but once in a while, they fantasize about cock.  Maybe the impulse isn’t strong enough for them to ever act on it, and they’re content to simply imagine, but for some boys, the “curiosity” just won’t go away.

Usually they’ve been thinking about men, about sucking cock and being fucked, for as long as they can remember, and while they’re still attracted to women, they can’t get the idea of being a ball-draining bottom boy out of their minds.  Whether they can function with women or not, horny readers, I tend to think these boys are a little bit more than bi-curious, and maybe even a little bit more than bisexual.  I think some of them may simply be gay, and I love being present for the epiphany that occurs when they realize that!

Remember, homosexuality is different than faggotry.

At least in My world it is.  Homosexuality is what we’re discussing here, though it’s certainly possible to be a gay faggot, or a gay sissy faggot, but that doesn’t mean the terms are interchangeable.  The difference is one’s emotions.  Homosexuality involves who you fall in love with, or at least who you want to have relationships with, as well as who stirs your loins.  Faggotry is devotion simply to cock, regardless of to whom that cock is attached, and yes, some boys who start out bi-curious also end up being faggots.  But I’ve had fun with boys for whom the cock was simply the key to opening up to a longing that involved emotions as well as the loins.

How does a guy go from bi-curious to gay?

Let Me explain this by telling you a little story.  I had a friend, a man older than Me, who I met through local BDSM circles.  He was always there with his boyfriend, and I knew them as a couple.  I was surprised to learn that he hadn’t come out of the closet until he was 40 years old, and it wasn’t out of fear.  He simply didn’t realize that he was gay until he had his first sexual experience with another man!

I was skeptical about that, because I’m used to the more popular narrative that a boy has always known, even when he didn’t have the words to describe it.  But this gentleman fantasized about both men and women when he masturbated, and dated women in the small town in which he grew up, because that was simply what he thought he was supposed to do.  But he always thought the sex he had with them was simply kind of “meh”.  Overrated.  Even the orgasms he experienced were humdrum. He just thought he might be a bit asexual, and that his fantasies about men were just kink.  Keep in mind that this was before the internet.

When the internet came along, he stumbled upon some gay porn.  He said his whole body flushed, and he not only got the hardest erection he’d ever had in his life, but experienced an ache in his prostate, which he didn’t even know the location of before.  He began to experiment with fingering himself, then with toys, and then thought he might try sucking cock.  He met someone from Craigslist, and although kissing and body contact isn’t the norm for a lot of hookups, it just seemed natural to him to fall into this stud’s arms and swap spit.  Suddenly he was moving with another body as if it was preordained. And when he wrapped his mouth around the other man’s cock, he himself came almost immediately.

Suddenly this sex thing that had before seemed mildly pleasurable but anticlimactic was like a nuclear bomb going off inside of him.  He’d finally discovered the sexual person he was meant to be.  Sure, he could function with a woman, and even enjoy himself somewhat, but when he compared the sensations and the feedback in his mind and body, well, with regard to women, he felt the equivalent of “why bother?”

You see, I think proportion is the key.  I know there are those who might say, “If he can get it up for a woman, he’s not gay.”  To that I say, what about the many many gay men who got married to women and had children before it was feasible to be out?  Just because you can make something work, it doesn’t mean it’s your ideal.  Lots of boys who think they’re only bi-curious when they begin to experiment learn that they can function with women, but they can’t live without cock, and what’s more, that the emotional component of the sexual experience is just as intense as the physical.

Wouldn’t you say that’s pretty gay?

14 comments to Bi-curious to Gay is Sometimes the Way!

  • MsC's cuckie

    Great post Ms R! I think the word ‘curious’ applies to me. My Mistress, and lovely women like you, still make me yearn and ache, even if I am NOT worhty! Still, since I haven’t ‘experimented’ yet, as you call it, who knows. The idea of submitting, while on my knees before a hung guy, also has a certain….appeal 🙂 Thanks for the insights!!!

    • Rachel

      My pleasure, cuckie! And it’s My opinion that when you’re a submissive, your sexual orientation is Obedience, and nothing more! 😉

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m not gay but all of you have turned me into a submissive/weak/ helpless/feminine cream puff. It all started by wearing Ms Cindys bra/panty set with heels and lipstick. I just wanted to see how I looked in there with no harm. What I didn’t expect was that she had camera/video of me in them and getting off. I thought I had place to myself but she was hiding and walked in as I was getting off. I was caught red handed and as a result she’s kept me like this, added hormones to my food with out knowing/arched my eyebrows in feminine way, thrown away all my clothes with me wearing women’s clothes/dresses/seeing my self in mirror with perky d cup breasts she’s turned me into her cream puff and told all the mistresses.

    • Rachel

      Well, gender and sexual orientation are not the same, but just as I told cuckie, your sexual orientation as a submissive is Obedience, so I’m sure Miss Cindy knows what’s best for you! If you hadn’t been in the position to get caught being a creampuff, you wouldn’t be where you are now, now would you? 😉

      • Petey cream puff

        Your right Ms Rachel. Honestly it’s what I wanted to happen but was to afraid to tell her. There was a reason she left her lingerie drawer open. She set me up and I fell for it and now I’m her cream puff who has to wear bra/panty set all the time.

  • If they’re bi-curious to gay it’s cuz you made them that way! lol just kidding but not really. Good of you to bring this topic to light, Ms Rachel because it just goes to show that life has evolved somewhat for gay men. I think we all have a part to play in securing the whole pursuit of happiness thing for everyone. And for me that also includes sexual fulfillment.

    • Rachel

      Absolutely, Miss Alexis! I will admit that I do encourage those who are susceptible, or on the fence, to tumble on over into the cock garden! And yes, a touch of My motives are altruistic, but part are voyeuristic, too! *giggle*

  • This might be the best piece of read on this subject. Sure there is an erotic aspect to it but it’s mostly a real life perspective.

    For me I’m no longer bi curious. The curious part went away when I first sucked cock in my early 20’s. Right now I’m not sure how I identify other than not straight. My experience with women has been limited as I’ve only slept with two including my wife. I’ve actually hooked up with more men than I have women. I never had much success dating women as I am short and thin. It was when I was 16 having trouble dating girls that I became curious about guys. It took me another 6 years to act on it. Up until my late 20’s after I got married I always thought it was just a stage that would go away. It was then that I realized it wasn’t a stage but rather I was not straight.

    Now in my mid 30’s I’ve found myself more attracted to men then I ever was. I don’t think about sex with women much. I do enjoy sex with my wife but have a stronger desire for cock. I regret not experimenting more with guys in my late teen early 20 years so I had a better idea of what I was back then. It’s easy to think that now though as I just didn’t know back then.

    • Rachel

      Thank you for sharing that informative, and I’ll admit, rather touching slice of your very own life with U/s, Stephanie! I’m not One to insist on labels, but I *am* a supporter of people being able to define themselves and accept themselves as they truly are!

  • vanilla

    Yummy topic, gay or what? Vanilla has had and still has gay feeling moments, but vanilla approaches sex mostly, regardless of with male or female, gay or lesbian or straight, vanilla identifies as a woman when dealing with men or women. More and more vanilla never changes out of character so to speak. Vanilla has been living with a couple, man and woman, both black, for some time now. Mistress tends to use vanilla as if she’s a bitch not a boy, same for master, so mostly vanilla is living as a fuck toy bitch. Also see a lot of gang bangs with this couple, plus an active “private” life amongst just us three.

    Early on when vanilla was first trying gay sex, one of hir first lovers was very good at heavy kissing, kissing me on my neck and nibbling my ears, and playing with my nipples then sucking them. He was vanilla’s favorite squeeze, and she introduced me to others like him. So vanilla kind of got most of her start at being a gurl right at the start thanks to a couple of sensuous lovers. By the time vanilla spread her butt to a man she felt more like a young virgin girl than a man. vanilla still likes people who know how to treat a bitch in heat.

    • Rachel

      Hello vanilla!

      Thanks for visiting!

      You know, your comment is illustrative of the fact that just as gender is more than binary, sexual orientation is more than tertiary, and exists on a range of experiences.

      I also notice that you use the appropriate pronouns, and it tickles Me!

      Congratulations on finding a domestic and sexual situation that suits you!

      Happy FUCKING!

      • vanilla

        Hi Mistress Rachel, we’ve spoken before but it’s been a while. Remember I’m the little gurl who liked rim jobs, we both thought they were underrated and underappreciated.

        You’re so right though, “libido” is so much more than how horny you are right now or on average, but also how hot and for what partner and playing what roles? Butch female? Sultry, sluty female, strong male taking weak sissy boi? So multidimensional.

        Mostly vanilla is still the same gurl she always was…submissive, slave like, loves black, being a sissy gurl slut, still have pierced nipples and some tats. Still loving cock in all my holes.

        Love and XXX

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