Hello, Horny Readers!  I was inspired to write about bi-curiosity today, first because I was reminiscing about some of My favorite porn (which is often of the gay variety) and second, because I read a blog post by Miss Lilly that got My imagination working and My pussy all wet.  I just had to pick your brains!

I don’t watch much porn these days.  Frankly, you can’t beat that which takes place in My very own bedroom. Add to that the various Femdom fantasies I share with all of you, and My satisfaction is pretty much complete.  Once in a while, however, I take a look on the World Wide Web in search of a little extra. More often than not, it involves man to man action, and specifically, their first stirrings of bi-curiosity.

There are lots of different scenarios when it comes to gay porn, but one especially like involves two stereotypical masculine young guys, “bros” if you will, who would never admit to being interested in other men, let alone each other.  Then something happens, and before you know it, there’s rigid meat, hot holes, and bodily fluids being exchanged.

Is it really the popcorn he’s after? Or is he going in for the incidental crotch graze?

I’m not naive enough to take porn scenarios too seriously, but if the number of you who call Me to explore your bi-curiosity are any indication, truth may be stranger than fiction!  There seem to be a lot of men out there who identify as heterosexual, and assume their friends are too, but who have a serious hankering for some cock in their mouths.  I think there may be a few of you out there, reading this right now.  So tell Me:  have any of you felt the first stirrings of your bi-curiosity when among friends? If you’ve had those thoughts, you can’t be the only one, can you?

Have you ever contemplated whether or not conditions were ripe for exploration of your bi-curiousity among friends?

I mean, have you ever had a friend over for beers, the talk turns to sex, and you have a fleeting thought of just how drunk the two of you would have to be for one or the other of you to make a move, and still have plausible deniability the next day? Is it just an urban legend that guys will watch porn together and jack off, only pretending to keep their eyes on the screen and on their own cocks?  Have you ever had a “bro” you didn’t like all that much, but you kept him around because you thought if “things might get a little weird” with any of your friends, it would be him?  Did you play sports in school at least in part so you might get to catch a glimpse of that one friend naked in the locker room shower?  Do you fantasize about any of the above, even if it will probably never happen?

I know the above might seem to have a bit of a predatory bent, but knowing how deliciously depraved some of you are, I feel emboldened to ask.  And knowing, as you do, how depraved I am, you should know that I won’t judge your kinkiest fantasies, even if they involve a friend!  There’s that old adage that men can’t truly be friends with women, any woman, without having thought at least once about having sex with her, so if there’s any truth to that, it must extend, for at least some of you, to your friends who are male!

Please feel free to give Me a call to discuss your “bi-curiousity with the bros” fantasies and experiences live, or, just share your thoughts in the comments section below! Inquiring minds want to know . . . and admittedly, add to My auxiliary spank bank!