Hello, Horny Readers! I’m surprised at how easily I let go of Tumblr. It was a source of inspiration, communication, and entertainment for a long time. But once W/e kinksters were made unwelcome, I left. Unlike many others, I wasn’t all that motivated to try other options. That said, I was thinking the other day how much I enjoyed doing My occasional series, Submissives I Miss. I decided I would continue it here. I’ll start with a boot worship addict. I would see him on Tumblr from time to time, but unfortunately W/e haven’t had a session in years.

A boot worship addict, and more!

Yes, black leather and latex boots of all kinds held him under their spell, but this central entree had all kinds of diverting side dishes. Really, all things leather, rubber and latex enticed him. He had a full accompaniment of paddles, harnesses, boots, g-strings and other attire, and toys and tools of all descriptions save that they were all black.

My boot worshiper was lucky, in that his Wife not only knew about his kinks and fetishes, but participated in them.

If I remember correctly, there was a period of time where their sex life had become a little bit stale. It sometimes does, after years together. The introduction of kink brought it back to life!

Their reinvigorated sex life centers around female supremacy, namely that of his Wife. She was in complete control of both their joint assignations, and his masturbation. I believe chastity was part of their marriage as well, but it’s been so long, I’m not sure.

He called Her his Boot Goddess, or just his Goddess, more casually. His love for Her and devotion to Her both in and out of the kinks they shared was actually quite touching as well as arousing.

He had a much larger libido than She, so She would send him to Me when She got tired of his hangdog look, sniffing around for pussy, humiliation, and domination. I think he picked Me out as his go-to, among other reasons, because W/e both wear O/ur black hair with a fringe. I reminded him of Her.

Our sessions together

In addition to waxing worshipful about his Wife, he would sometimes come to Me with assignments from Her. Sometimes these were for penance, sometimes for My amusement. There was lots of edging, humiliation, and impact play.

I learned through sessions with him that I will often choose a spanking implement according to the sound it makes as it strikes flesh. I learned that for some, boot worship can be done with the eyes alone.

And one halcyon day, I had My first couples Skype session with him and his Boot Goddess, during which She came 8 times while She watched Me train and torment him.


I miss you, boot worship addict! And your Boot Goddess, too!

If you happen to be a reader of My blog, I know W/e said in the past that you’d like to be reunited. Obviously, I’d like that, too.

With regard to the Submissives I Miss series, if you are a lurker with whom I’ve played before, and you see yourself here, I hope it makes you smile (and maybe throb a little) to see that I do think of you. If you take the notion, feel free to get in touch, either in the comments section, or ideally, in a reacquainting session.

Depending on your kinks, I can’t promise there won’t be some punishment for staying away so long!


Miss Rachel, fan of boot worship addicts and submissives in general!


P.S.:  Do you have a boot fetish? Or even just a kink? Listen in to the audio below, because I have some questions for you, delivered in a slightly titillating style!