Hello, horny readers! Many of My male playmates, sluts, and slaves keep their desires secret from the women in their lives; they’ve either tried to include her only to be rebuffed, or they know her well enough to conclude that there’s no way she’d be interested. It’s not unusual, therefore, for the idea of a wife involved in her husband’s submissive kink to be part of the phone sex scenarios I explore. Some boys fantasize that the humiliation or control I’m visiting upon them is being witnessed by the woman in their lives, or even administered by her. But sometimes, though rare, I do get calls from couples, and it’s a real treat, especially when I am asked to encourage an uninitiated wife into the role of Domme.

The inspiration for this post comes from a recent session I had with a regular caller of mine. In all of O/ur many sessions, he never mentioned his wife. I actually thought, at first, that he would be the proverbial “problem sub”, what with his relatively aggressive, masculine demeanor. I expected him to top from the bottom, and at first he did.

When I upbraided him, however, it was clear this is exactly what he wanted and didn’t know how to request: brutal repression of his rebellion at the hands of a strict domme. It’s the same way some wayward young behave poorly as a means of crying out for attention. Sometimes it’s not love, understanding, and patience they respond to, but discipline, and strongly imposed boundaries. And the more I “tightened the screws”, the more submissive and slutty he became, before finally crying out how badly he needed his ass fucked, and not by a dildo.

He was very clear about that. *giggle*

Anyway, when he called and told Me he was watching his wife masturbate, and that she made him leave the room while she did, consigning him to the “look but don’t touch” cocktease method, I thought it was the type of fantasy I mention in the first paragraph, and I went with it. But imagine My surprise when he actually put her on the phone!

She explained to Me that what I experienced with him at the beginning of every phone call was what she experienced in their marital sex life, but that it was so difficult to break through the way I could with him. I’m sure he wanted to put her on the phone as a turn on for himself so that I could be talking to her while he fucked her to orgasm. What he didn’t expect was for the two of Us to begin discussing ways to coerce him into the submissive posture that he obviously wanted to be in, how she could become the domme he deep-down needed but would resist until she found the key.

And there’s always a key, dear readers. Sometimes more than one.

The key he gave up easily was nipple torment. Hubby could be on top of her pounding away, feeling like the cock of the walk while she came all over his cock repeatedly, and if she reached up and pinched both his nipples, hard, suddenly he was babbling about wanting cock himself.

Well, when she did that this time, I was talking to her telling her what to say while he was in that vulnerable, submissive state. The combination of the two, her pinching and My words from her mouth had him doing whatever she wanted him to do for the rest of the session.

I gave her some other tips and tricks for taking more control in her sex life, even if she can’t pinch his nipples 24/7, and she seemed to think the tips I gave would work.  Time will tell.  But at least now she knows a bit of the language of dominance, and that at least in the bedroom, she has the key to open the door!