Hello, Horny Readers!  Mistress is about to take your cock and ball torment (and nipple torment, too) to new heights!  We’re all familiar with the common trappings of CBT: restraints of different kinds for both balls and cock, and a good wooden spoon or rubber spatula to name the most obvious. I’ve even said in the past that there weren’t enough items I thought were worth recommending for their own separate page on CBT and pain play. But for you pain pets and sensation slaves out there, I do want you to contemplate some “side dishes” to the norm. Of course, My suggestion isn’t without self-interest (is it ever?). I really enjoy adding these things into controlling and tormenting your tender bits, and W/e can do so without too much redundancy or extra expense.

Wax Play as A CBT Side Dish

I love the thought of edging you until that cockhead is tingling, swollen, and purple, and then using a few melted dribbles right on it to say NO to your orgasm!

Now, let Me make something clear: I do like to hurt you, but I don’t like to injure you. So you should know that not all wax is created equal for the purposes of CBT. Know your tolerance for pain ahead of time, know if you have any skin conditions, take any medications (like blood pressure medication or steroids) or have allergies that might affect O/ur fun, and follow directions.

My favorite type of candle for CBT wax play is pure beeswax. It burns hotter than pretty much any other type of candle, but cools more quickly on contact with the skin. It’s also pretty natural, without the chemicals and scents a lot of candles have that can cause irritation of their own, and unless you’re allergic to honey or any other bee-related products, it’s the safest.  Tea candles are often made of beeswax, but always read packaging. Pure soy candles are a close second, for pretty much the same reasons, with the added advantage of how easily the dried wax cleans up.

Prickly Pain

Click the photo to purchase!

I don’t know why I’ve come to be so obsessed with these particular tools of the CBT trade, but just looking at them turns Me on! Basically, they’re called pinwheels, and you can get them with varying lengths of pins and numbers of wheels. Just imagine the ridge that separates the head from the shaft, or the glans, being a-little-more-than-tickled with these! For that, incidentally, I like the idea of the single pinwheel, but for the whole head, I like the idea of the three, five, or even seven wheel-er!

Also, lately I’ve been really turned on by the idea of not just tying up balls, but stretching them. And maybe not just stretching them, but also punishing them for being so full of your slutty cum! I got wet just looking at the device to the right. Add a weight to it, and hearing your moans might just induce Me to rub Myself as I make you regret ever wanting to do so!

Lastly, in My view, you should have a dish of ice cubes nearby, to help soothe that punished flesh if you earn the privilege of orgasm, or to help it fit back into your pants if you didn’t. See what a benevolent Mistress you have? *giggle*

I’ll stop here, before My mind utterly runs away with Me thinking of the different kinks W/e could combine with these CBT side dishes, but make Me a deal: If you decide to use any of these, you have to let Me know and you have to at least consider putting them to use for Me on a webcam show.  That’s a pretty consistent wish of mine, by the way.  If you purchase anything I’ve recommended, or inspired by something I’ve recommended, you have to use it where I can at least hear you, and hopefully see you, at least once!

Happy Holidays!