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CFNM Fantasy Inc.: “Women Are In Charge & Men are In The Buff!”

Miss Rachel, Chairman and CEO of CFNM Fantasy, Inc.! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! I have had several recent sessions with an absolutely charming CFNM fantasy stroke slut. His primary owner is Miss Piper. To the joy of many an LDW Femdomme, however, She shares him. S/he commands him to be used, trained, and humiliated by any and all of Us.

He begins with a confession (even to the dispatchers) that he is naked, on his knees, and rubbing his penis. Only Mistress Piper decides when he can cum. Effectively, this is almost never. But he is an addicted stroker, so not even that reality can keep his hand off of his cock.

Yes, he vocalizes and pants in forlorn and sweaty desperation, adding to My delight. But in the midst of this he is very sweet and intelligent. W/e tend to spitball with great creativity about scenarios in which a humiliated CFNM slave like himself could be exploited. This is how I thought of CFNM Fantasy, Inc.

CFNM Fantasy, Inc., a fictitious corporation for very real titilation!

Of course, this corporation would be in the business of providing some kind of service or product thatMiss Rachel, Chairman and CEO of CFNM Fantasy, Inc.! 1-800-356-6169 may or may not be related to CFNM or Femdom of some kind, but that wouldn’t really be the name. Just the same, in this corporation, all women would be clothed, and all men would be naked. Maybe We’d let males wear shoes and socks. Perhaps a cock ring. I haven’t decided which would titillate Me more. *giggle*

Miss Rachel, Chairman and CEO of CFNM Fantasy, Inc.! 1-800-356-6169

Of course, covering yourself with your tablet, or anything else, would get you written up!

Along with their more mundane and perfectly mainstream professional obligations, males would be expected to stroke at the behest of any woman there, no matter who she was, or what else he may be doing. In addition, no matter his title or other responsibilities, he would be expected to submit to various sexual acts, no matter how humiliating, or various forms of body worship at any time.

This of course would cause almost perpetual erections in most of the males, but that doesn’t mean they would be allowed to stroke, outside of the desire of a given woman to have them do so. And even if a woman required it, stroking and male orgasm would be completely unrelated.

I’m Miss Rachel, CEO of CFNM Fantasy, Inc., LLC (giggle). You are My new employee, and I’ve called you into My office to “assist” while I’m on a conference call.

Let’s listen in on what happens, shall W/e?  *giggle*


Miss Rachel, Chairman and CEO of CFNM Fantasy, Inc.


14 comments to CFNM Fantasy Inc.: “Women Are In Charge & Men are In The Buff!”

  • princess

    I love the CFNM fantasy (and reality)! Of course…being dressed as a sissy and wearing a chastity cage is pretty hot too! (Does wearing ‘just’ a chastity cage and crotch less panties count as naked?) Of course the key is here , as always,is that Mistress is in charge and decides everything….including what we subbies wear….or don’t wear! Great post MS Rachel!

    • Rachel

      It doesn’t count as naked with the panties on, methinks, but certainly a pretty little pink chastity cage would be more like jewelry than clothing! Same, in My opinion, with brightly-painted toenails poking out of the tips of some open-toed red stilettos!

      Thanks, as always, for reading, princess!

  • tiny tim

    Miss Rachel, This was a very good read. There is nothing like CFNM. Especially when you are as tiny as me. There is so many directions this could go.

  • Ms Rachel, I love your new corporation and want to become one its shareholders. Love the idea and I think it might just work.

    • Rachel

      lol Wonderful, Miss Cindy! We’ve looked at your resume and it’s extremely impressive! We’d love to have you join the team!

  • spotty

    Ms Rachel, I don’t think this would work in a building like Apple’s new headquarter building. Still, what a great fantasy, the interview process must also ve very revealing.

    • Rachel

      lol It is indeed, the interview process. And pray tell, why wouldn’t it work in the new Apple Headquarters? Anywhere there are cocks and women willing to tease them, I think such a system could work wonderfully! lol

  • Ms. Rachel, Love the idea of CFNM Inc. One of the many reasons I so enjoy going to fetish clubs is because of the CFNM aspects. Having a submissive serve you naked in private in your dungeon is one thing, but the humiliation and the exposure and reinforcement of their status is just so much more when there are 10 or 20 clothed people milling around, and all the slaves are naked. Plus, there’s always the eye candy factor, too!

  • Pupslave

    I’ve always loved the idea of being a mail boy or office assistant in a female supremacist company. I’d be subservient to all the women in the office, and I imagine there’d be one employee texting me little errands all the time just to laugh and watch me run around.

  • Petey cream puff

    Would you involve dressing me up in women’s clothes as part of this along with makeup/lipstick on my cheeks/wig/bra/panty/feminine arched eyebrows and keeping me as your cream puff girl? If so I’m in.

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