**UPDATE as of 5/19/19:  Unfortunately it appears that My favorite purveyor, Stockroom, has stopped carrying the BON4 line.  You should still be able to find them elsewhere, and if they become available through Stockroom once again, I’ll be sure to let you know!**


Hello, Horny Readers! I’ve often been asked by potential chastity slaves for advice on choosing a chastity device. Most of them have heard of the CB series, and those definitely have their advantages. But for several reasons, there’s a style I like better: the BON4.

Truth be told, if you want the best of all possible worlds in a chastity device, you’d have one custom-made to fit your exact measurements, but this is really only an option for the serious, lifestyle chastity pet. Not to mention one with very deep pockets, because a custom made number can, believe it or not, run you into the quadruple digits price-wise. But for those who are willing to invest in a good cage, but don’t want to have to refinance their house to do it, and want to engage in chastity long-term, the BON4 would be My recommendation, not the more popular CB series.

The Chastity Device of Choice for two of My Meatspace Playmates

Look! A pink one for sissy clitties!

I’m always looking into advances in chastity technology, so I’d heard of the BON4 already, but the first glowing review I got for it came from one of the submissives in My stable. Peter is almost more Adam’s pet than mine. He asked to be put in pretty much perpetual chastity a couple of years ago, because as a gesture of devotion he only wants to cum while Adam fucks him (aside from a prostate milking every couple of months). We agreed, and charged him with investigating and finding his own device. He tried lots of them, but wasn’t completely satisfied until he tried the BON4. He ended up recommending it to another of Our playmates who by necessity needed a more intermittent chastity schedule, and s/he got one, too, even though s/he had only worn CB’s before.  S/he loved it!

So why did they, and others I’ve spoken to/whose reviews I’ve read, prefer the BON4?

In short, durability, comfort, and style.

BON4 has a few different styles, but the ones with which I’m most familiar are the BON4M and the BON4 Plus. First, the BON4M, pictured below, is made of stainless steel and so is obviously very durable. At the same time, it’s lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear. And it looks gorgeous when on! So much better-looking, in My opinion, than the CB’s. All that metal really does something to Me psychologically too. It really brings home the fact that a slave’s cock is truly imprisoned for Me, sturdily and for as long as I like. Imagine what it does to the slave wearing it?

Come on now, isn’t that gorgeous? Click on the photo for specs.

It comes in both small and large sizes, and you can peep the actual measurements on Stockroom. It comes with four different base rings, so you can try out different ones to find the most comfortable fit, and if I’m not mistaken, the BON4 website has even more ring sizes to choose from, compatible with all their cages. This is the one Peter wears. I like to tease Adam that it’s their engagement ring.  *giggle* It’s substantial and elegant enough to be one, after all.

Cookie was over the moon when Peter told he/r that the BON4 Plus comes in pink (well really, it’s more of a pink-red, but you can’t tell Cookie that)! The delicious humiliation of being snugly ensconced in such a feminine chastity device is not the only reason s/he’s happy to wear it on a regular basis. Whether black, “pink”, or clear, this one is so comfortable that you might just forget you’re wearing it.

And if you’re a bit of an in-between size, or some days you want more restriction than others, each kit of the BON4 Plus comes with TWO CAGES, one small, and one large, as well as all the attendant different sized rings, serial-numbered locks, padlocks, et cetera, to ensure as close to a perfect and comfortable fit as one can expect without having a chastity device custom made. The silicone becomes more pliable with body heat, so it’s almost as if it molds right to you! Also, you know how I feel about silicone–so much better for hygiene purposes, as you can sterilize it, and it’s extremely durable! I’m not sure whether or not it’s absolutely undetectable when going through security screening at the airport, but I would assume it is, as long as you’re using the plastic serial-numbered locks and not the padlock.

Are there any drawbacks?

To My mind, yes, but I guess some of these depend on your priorities and your purposes. The first is, they’re a bit more expensive than the CB series. I mean, I know that some of you have found imitation CBs on Amazon or elsewhere for remarkably low prices, and if those work for you, great. But I’ve heard from far too many people that after a short time wearing them, they find out exactly why they’re so cheap. Even if you choose the real deal in the CB series, some folks still find them uncomfortable for long-term wear, and not as durable as they had hoped, and that’s for not that much less money. Still, a chastity device is a luxury item in the budgets of most people, so the difference in price might just matter.

Next, with regard to the BON4 Plus, the hole out of which to do number 1 is not big enough, and if your caged cock is off-kilter, it can get a bit messy. The BON4M has plenty of room for peeing, though, and both have plenty of ventilation for both breath-ability and cleaning in the shower.

(A side note:  Do not use silicone-based lube with the BON4 Plus.  Given that it is silicone itself, the silicone-based lube will degrade and eventually destroy your cage.)

Lastly, a drawback to the BON4M is that it only comes with the padlock and keys, and I wasn’t able to find any information on whether or not plastic keys like the ones that come with the BON4 Plus are compatible.

So, there’s My confession. I don’t like the CB’s best. If you’re in the market for a chastity device, consider these. If you’ve already tried them, please do feel free to leave your own observations in the comments. And if you’re looking for a Mistress to keep you in line while keeping you caged, you know how to get in touch!