Hello Horny Readers! I would say the main group of playmates with whom I interface here at LDW are those who like to stroke. There’s nothing whatsoever wrong with masturbating, at least not in the repressive sense that religions try to push. But like all pleasurable things, that doesn’t mean that it can’t become a problem. When a boy becomes a chronic masturbator, there can be several associated problems. Chastity, even for short periods, can address some of these.

A chronic masturbator is defined in My world similarly to a food addict. Just as it’s normal and even necessary to eat and to enjoy food, it’s normal to enjoy self-pleasure. But when a person doesn’t control the pleasure/nourishment feedback loop, and uses food to substitute for other types of fulfillment, their relationship to sustenance can become disordered. A chronic masturbator conflates action with purpose. The all-consuming need to stroke takes the place in their minds and loins that should by rights belong to the need to please, and to be controlled, by a dominant woman.

For the addicted stroke boy, if he’s honest with himself, it’s not even about true arousal anymore, just as if the food addict is honest with themselves, overeating is not about being hungry. The chronic masturbator sometimes doesn’t even know what his true arousal cycle is, because he’s always aroused, or at least thinks he is. The more he indulges that compulsive need to stroke, the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets, the more extreme lengths he has to go to try to achieve the same level of satisfaction he did during some orgasm in the past. Often, he never will. And when he no longer experiences the true tension and privilege of his stroking, most likely neither will I.

The remedy? Chastity.

Chastity serves three purposes:

  • It allows an abused cock a break during which it can recover sensation.
  • It forces a break in the psychological hold mindless stroking has on the brain and behavior of a chronic masturbator, and allows the focus to be turned toward their Mistress.
  • The throes of withdrawal amuse Mistress.

Okay, that last one was a bit mean-spirited, but only half facetious.

The Difference Between A Chronic Masturbator and An Edging Slave

Inevitably, someone will ask, what’s the difference between long periods of edging, which I Myself

You should be chained to your Mistress, not to your addiction!

strongly advocate, and compulsive masturbation? That’s simple: the essence of edging is sensitivity. When you edge for Me, a byproduct may be increased stamina over time, and therefore increased usefulness to any partner you might be in a position to fuck, but the main purpose is to entertain and arouse Me with your desperation.

I’ve been known to turn away a session with a stroke pet who’s already been edging for hours and has called Me to edge him more, because I’m convinced that by now his cock must be practically numb. I routinely suggest that ideally a tease toy will come to Me with three days worth of cum built up in his balls, and I assume that he hasn’t been stroking all day. If he’s already come to Me having broken through the psychological barrier that says he can’t cum just because the urgency is there, I miss some of the pleasure of saying no. I want him fresh, sensitive, and wanting when he comes to Me, so that I can take ultimate pleasure in denying him.

The sensitivity level of a chronic masturbator is similar to the tease toy who has already edged all day, or even worse. What sort of pleasure am I expected to get from a cock that’s so abused that a stroker might not even feel it anymore?

Chastity Returns the Chronic Masturbator to a Teasable, Edge-able State

The chronic masturbator has become enslaved to his addiction, rather than enslaved to Me. When he is cock-locked under My supervision, he begins to turn away from his cock as an object of fixation, and instead fixates on Me as the keeper of access to pleasure. Just as chastity returns the cock to a healthier state, it returns the D/s dynamic to a functional equilibrium.

Now this isn’t to say that there are no chronic masturbators out there whose pleasure in endlessly and compulsively pounding their meat never loses its effect. But there are outliers in every situation, including this one, and in My experience, these simply aren’t the norm.

Are you a chronic masturbator? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, or in private by E-mail, or by phone.

Until next time!