Hello, Horny Readers! I guess I’m on a bit of a kick, musing about the different phenomena I’ve noticed in My time as a Femdomme. This week, it occurred to Me how many of My playmates have virtually no interest in women sexually. At the same time, the presence of a woman is important in their fantasies. And, let’s face it–they’re calling Me. I consider these playmates closet gay.


For the most part, their public personas are straight. It could be that they’re really bi, but most of those to whom I refer have given up on sex with women altogether–pussy free. As noted in the linked blog post, sometimes this is out of circumstance. Sometimes it’s out of necessity. But, I’ve met many men in face to face life, as well as in fantasy, who could probably function with a woman if pressed, and may even enjoy it, but whose loins and thoughts are almost exclusively cock-oriented.

So, why is a woman present in their cock fantasies?

If they are closet gay, why is the presence of a woman so important?

One long-time playmate comes to mind who might shed some light. His fantasies often involve the presence of a woman. She’s usually watching him get fucked, in his mind, as proof that he is gay. He wants to be able to look her in the eye in the midst of gay anal sex as a way of saying, “there’s no turning back from this.  There’s nothing that a woman can offer me that tops this feeling. I don’t care if you see me taking cock like this. In fact, I want you to see me take it, so that you know that you and I are no longer swimming in the same sexual pool.”

Perhaps it’s a defensive measure. Many men who identify as bisexual find that a lot of women don’t want to date a cock-sucking anal bottom. Just the same, the deeper this playmate has gone into his fantasy, and the more it changes his life, the more insistent he is that he is gay. Not bi. Gay. Backing up on a cock in front of a woman will only make it official.

Closet gay out of necessity?

Some men remain in the closet because the communities and families from which they come would not allow them to be out of it. Not without losing those relationships. The situation with My long-term playmate above is heavily informed by this. That’s a practical and not-very-sexy reality for many, but a reality just the same. But gay men, especially closeted ones, have long benefited from the presence and listening ear of a fag hag, even a Femdomme fag hag.

Then there’s the sexual humiliation addict. He might start out as bisexual by nature, or as a feature of his submission. From there, a dominant woman can convince him that he really has no business sleeping with women anymore at all. Especially if he has a small penis. In that case, it can be intoxicating to be in sexual situations (with the right cocksucker training and anal training) where he can’t disappoint anyone.

A peripheral note: closet gay, or a secret faggot?

I, for one, differentiate between homosexuality and faggotry. My coerced bi trainees will probably be familiar with this fact. A short version of the explanation is that homosexuality involves emotions, and attraction to the whole man, not just his cock. Faggotry involves mostly or even only cock, and submission to it. But 1.) the line between the two is admittedly blurry, and 2.) I tend to concede to the terminology used by the closet gay play-toy. Many describe themselves as gay, and seem attached to that specific designation.

Furthermore, I’ve played with more than one cock slut who started out swearing up and down that it was only the cock they were after. Then they found one particular cock that fucked the cum out of them so well that they were induced to add kissing, making out, and cuddling in the afterglow to the experience. Suddenly they’re catching feelings!

Go figure!  *giggle*

So, do you consider yourself “secretly gay”, or even just flat-out gay? If so, what brings you to this domain of powerful Femmes?

Do share in the comments! And if you need a listening ear or willing participant for your gay fantasies, feel free to get in touch!


Miss Rachel, Femdomme fag hag!


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