A number of times, a boy who has engaged Me for chastity training has asked for an exemption because he has a date.  This could simply be a date with the strip club, but I’m sure that a few of My cocklocked slaves do legitimately have cocks worthy of being ridden, and other qualities that make it plausible a woman might go on a date with them.  But I make it very clear when undertaking a chastity program with a boy:  If you’re married or have a girlfriend, especially if she doesn’t know about the training you’ve chosen to undergo, I will always give you permission to remove your cage to see to her needs. I make it similarly clear that if you are single (and under contract) chances are very slim that you will get permission to “mingle”.

If you are single and cocklocked, consider yourself cockblocked!

Isn’t that your signature right there?

When you undertake a chastity agreement with Me, I am your primary sexual relationship.  Asking for permission to be released from your cage before the term I’ve decided upon has passed in order to entertain the possibility that another woman may want to make use of My dildo-in-training is the same as asking Me for permission to be unfaithful.  And I will never allow that.

I generally don’t believe that cocklocked boys in this situation have the interests of their potential date in mind, anyway.  At least I’m very skeptical about the veracity of the reasons behind the request.  More than the desire to provide pleasure to Exalted Womanhood, which I endorse, I always suspect they simply want the freedom to evade orgasm denial, to drain their aching balls, before the ordained time.  Do they really think I’m so stupid that I don’t see through this ploy?  I may add a few extra days before release just for the insult to My intelligence.

“But Mistress,” they have whined, “What if she’s really hot for me and desperately wants to fuck?”

Well, you can either be honest with her that you are a compulsive cock stroker, and therefore have entrusted a Mistress with the key to your orgasms, or you can pull her in close, tell her that you really like her, and want to wait for sex until there’s emotional commitment.  Or, you can simply foresee this predicament coming from far away, and protect your commitment to Me, by refraining from dating at all while cocklocked.

You can kiss, you can make out, you can grope (that is, if you want to risk her detecting your device through your clothes), and you can eat her pussy.  All of those are actually good for your training, to feel the confines of your chastity cage even more acutely as you become excited, and practice dealing with the pressure.  But under no circumstances will you be allowed to remove it just for casual sex.  There’s nothing casual about sex for you anymore, chastised slave.  If you didn’t know that before, you know now.