*sigh*  It’s that time of year, Horny Readers.  Adam has gone back to California for the cold season, and except for a visit every few months, I will have to content Myself with Our sexy Skype calls, occasional oral worship or dildo service from a submissive, and My trusty Doxy.  Since I was quite unwell for a period of time this Summer, I didn’t get nearly as much of Adam’s big dick as I would have liked, and Him, well, you may remember that He will preferably cum twice a day at minimum.  Jacking off is pretty far down the list of the methods by which He likes to do so, and if He goes more than three days without pussy (ass- or otherwise), He starts to get cranky.   I bet you can guess who picked up the slack for Me: That’s right–Our submissive cockwhores were very busy!

I wasn’t ill the whole time of course, and have lots of memories of just the two of Us to savor, as well as a few times We jointly made use of Our devoted stable of cockwhores and sissy sluts.  The next couple of blog posts will be devoted to sharing a few of these memories of all with you!

First, I’ll start in an unlikely way, with a minor disagreement.  It’s rare, but Adam and I had one this Summer, after a return visit from DD. Remember him?

The source of the disagreement was that once again, I asked Adam if He was sure He still identified as straight. You’ve probably heard Me state before that I consider sexual orientation to be as much a function of what goes on between the ears as between the legs, and that most people probably aren’t 100% straight or gay. Adam has always insisted that He’s 100% straight, because He’s never been romantically interested in another male, only sexually, and only with the D/s dynamic in place.  I do believe in honoring the way that people identify, so in the end, Adam had the right to defend His status as heterosexual.  Still, you’d understand why I asked if you could have been a fly on the wall when He and DD met again.

It was during the time period when I was no longer actively ill, but still quite weak.  Adam and I hadn’t fucked in a long time (for Us), and He was nearly snorting and pawing the ground like a bull in anticipation of DD’s visit.  DD didn’t even get a chance to remove his clothes inside the door, as is the usual custom when cockwhores who aren’t feminized stay with Us for a weekend.  Adam grabbed him pretty much as soon as the door closed behind him, slammed him up against it, and began basically violating DD’s mouth with his tongue.

Readers, neither of us ever kiss submissives on the mouth, cockwhores or otherwise, but for Me, it’s a matter of maintaining hierarchy.  Adam’s always claimed that who He kisses is a feature of His sexual orientation, because kissing is romantic.

What would you have thought?

I’d wished I’d had the energy to masturbate, because My pussy was definitely tingling at the sight.  I think they must have sucked face like that for a good minute, DD moaning into Adam’s mouth, and the two of them grinding and squeezing each other’s asses, before Adam shoved DD to his knees.

What followed was some of the hottest, most brutal, and at times, most passionate face and assfucking I’ve ever seen.

Maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see, but at times, rather than drilling DD’s holes with a measure of indifference as to the discomfort he might be experiencing, Adam was fucking Our cockwhore in positions and with techniques that seemed designed to feel good.  By now, We know DD well enough to recognize the difference between his moans of sacrifice and submission from moans of pure pleasure.  I could swear that at least for that session, when DD would moan in pleasure, Adam would stay in that position or with that technique longer than usual.  There was tons of blazing eye contact, and yes, there was more kissing!

In the end, Adam came three times before finally collapsing on the living room couch, which is as far into the house as they got.  DD came while being fucked without even touching himself, which was a first.  But as a good boy, he did try to get permission before letting loose:

“Please Sir, feels so good Sir!  You’re going to make Me cum!  Please Sir, I can’t hold it when You do that!”

In response, rather than slapping DD’s balls and telling him to wait, Adam laid directly on top of him, threw his legs around His back, and started the oozing, stirring, grinding stroke that always makes Me feel like I’m going to squirt when He does it to Me.

And then you know what He said?

“I want to feel that pussy cum on My cock.”

Readers, I won’t bring it up with Adam again, but between you and Me, doesn’t that sound just a little bit . . . bisexual?

Until next time!