Hello Horny Readers!

Well it’s back to plain old Me after several submissions penned by My devoted fan, pupslave.  There are a few more chapters (it turns out that I missed a very tasty vignette while transcribing), but you’ll have to wait a week or so before I’ll put them out.  🙂

One of the things I love most about that story is the objectification that comes from gifting another, a devoted submissive, to a Mistress.  The idea of two dominant women passing a sex toy one to the other as a commodity, as raw material to be shaped into what they want him to be, really excites Me.

I admit that I equally enjoy the idea of a less-willing captive slave who finds himself transported in some unexpected way to a place, whether physical or psychological, he was resistant to going, and powerless to escape.

Perhaps I’m the leader of a Femdom sex trade syndicate, and you owe Me money for services rendered, but have been dodging Me for weeks.  When you are finally apprehended, you must pay not only your debt, but for the disrespect entailed in dodging it.  You will work off your debt as one of our cocksucking whores.

You will spend a month being feminized and trained to suck using strap-ons for practice.  You’ll be locked in chastity with only occasional reprieve, earned by how ardently you fellate the girl cocks in front of your face.  If you should be so lucky as to please your tutors well enough to earn the privilege of orgasm, you will be coerced to eat your own cum.

“You’d better get used to the taste, ” I explain with a giggle.  “We’re known for sluts that swallow.”

Soon after, you will be blindfolded and transported to the bowels of one of our most exclusive sex clubs, where the clientele agree to undergo a rigorous screening beforehand for the privilege of using a fuckdoll with few restrictions.  In a small booth, you’ll be forced to your knees and bound with your wrists behind your back.  Your ankle will be chained to a ring set in the floor with a heavy padlock, the key to which only I have, and like to dangle before your eyes before letting it drop down into my cleavage on my daily visits.

There you’ll be on 24 hour a day glory hole duty until your debt is paid–a good week or so, with breaks only long enough for you to gulp down some water and some sustenance, and to be hosed down and redressed every couple of days.  I love the way you look when I check in once in a while, your cheap hair extensions made into a sticky, straw-colored mess from errant cumshots and rough hand holds, your eyes bleary as they turn to me, your lips raw and puffy from the friction of hundreds of cockshafts (“Great!”, I exclaim, “I’m glad we didn’t waste money on collagen implants to give you DSL’s!”), belching cum every couple of minutes as you slump in front of the opening in the wall, too exhausted to do more than whimper in resignation . . .

And the most scintillating part is that by the end of your week, you’ve become mesmerized by all the hardons that have found their pleasure down your throat, leading you to become addicted to cock sucking.  Your debt is paid, but you’ve become a vacuous, cumdrunk bimbo, and you ask Me to let you stay.

That’s MY fantasy of being a captivity Mistress.  How many of My horny readers fantasize about being captured slaves?  As usual, you are welcome to explore this topic with Me in session, via E-mail, or here in the comments section!