Hello, Horny Readers!  Just a short little post today to make sure you all know about the new audio I’ve just completed: Coerced Cocksucking Mesmerizer!

I love making mesmerizers. I love splicing together different sounds to create something that I hope will leave you breathless, entertained, and aroused! I made one for the sissies and other fans of feminization, and this one is for those who fantasize about being coerced or seduced into sucking cock.

Have a few extra shekels? Consider treating yourself. And please do leave a review on the site under the “reviews” tab if you happen to make the purchase.  You can even send a review directly to Me via E-mail, post it in the comments of this post, or anywhere else as long as you send Me the link. I just love to hear from those who’ve enjoyed My predatory labors of love!

Here’s a little sample to whet your appetite!

Click here to go to the site for purchase.

Stay tuned for a longer post tomorrow in celebration of Masturbation May!