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Coerced Fem: It’s Most Fun When Over-The-Top!

Miss Rachel will make you Her coerced fem bon bon! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! Most of the sissies and crossdressers I play with are feminized willingly. It’s in their nature, and I enjoy bringing that nature out. Less often, I get to indulge coerced fem fantasies, and when I do, I love to pile on the humiliation as I pile on the femme characteristics!

It’s nothing for a gurl who’s already en femme in he/r heart if not in he/r wardrobe to kick it up a notch. But for a “manly-man” who needs to be taught a lesson or who serves as entertainment for a humiliatrix like Me, I particularly enjoy going over the top in the feminization transformation!

From hirstute to hairless: coerced fem grooming!

Imagine a man who starts out looking like a lumberjack: burly, hairy chest, legs, and arms, turned hairless and smooth as the day he was born, from nose to toes! And I don’t skip any of the details. You won’t be surprised to learn that My favorite part is having him bend over, reach back, and spread his cheeks so that I can make sure that even his asspussy is clean and soft and vulnerable!

When you’re using wax, you tend to need to restrain a boy more than with shaving, but then, if it’s not exactly his idea to lose all his body hair, he might need to be tied down then, too!

Hair and makeup for over-the-top coerced fem polish!Miss Rachel will make you Her coerced fem bon bon! 1-800-356-6169

If someone confuses you with a drag queen by the time I’m done with you, I’ve done My job! *giggle*

Another way to put it: imagine a decadent dessert, dripping with chocolate sauce, topped with a towering pile of whipped cream and cherries, studded and sprinkled with confections, and garnished with cookies. That’s the effect I’m going for in coerced fem hair and makeup. Maybe you wouldn’t feel quite as humiliated if I were just going for the feminization equivalent of apple pie a la mode, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for Me, and wouldn’t provide nearly the contrast I seek!

Let’s get you seated in that nice comfy stylist’s chair, first with a brace across your forehead to keep you still while yards of extensions are sewn into your own hair and set in hot rollers. Then, so that layer upon layer of make-up can be applied without you disrupting things by turning your head from side to side. A tall and thick collar will be locked around your neck and attached to the headrest. You can moan and protest and even bellow in that pseudo-Alpha voice all you like, but that won’t stop My giggling, or your transformation.  In fact, it will probably make Me laugh harder to hear such a masculine voice coming out of lips plumped to grotesque proportions and then slathered with lipstick and glitter!

Both your wrists and your feet will be cuffed to the chair so that you don’t ruin your lovely mani-pedi. That’s right–I’m talking fingernails at least three to four inches long, and covered with as much polish and glitter as those plumped-up lips!

A chastity cage will help while I imprison you in your undergarments!

The conventional wisdom that controlling the cock controls the entire man has coerced fem applications! Before releasing you from the chair, I’ll have to lock you in an extra small chastity device, hand the key to a helpful assistant, who will promptly leave the premises and hop in an Uber on its way across town. She won’t return until I call her with the report that you’ve cooperated fully with the rest of your transformation, and won’t return at all if I tell her that you’ve tried to run away!

Miss Rachel will make you Her coerced fem bon bon! 1-800-356-6169Every woman knows that the key to a polished final look starts with foundation garments.  Now, I don’t claim you’re going to end up passing as a woman, but the same principle still applies. And just like womankind, in coerced fem W/e simply do the best W/e can with what W/e have! That means creating curves where there aren’t any, to start with. The best method? A nice, tight corset!

Yes, I’ll lace it so tight that you might begin to feel lightheaded from the shallow breaths you’re obliged to take, but the resulting dim-wittedness will contribute to the overall bimbo affect for which I’m aiming! Besides, look at what it does for that ass!

We’ll choose a corset without cups, because I don’t want to be restrained in the size of the falsies I have you wear! Probably the biggest I can find!

Dress and Heels in Coerced Fem

Sure, I could dress you in something simply sexy and slutty, like a mini skirt with a slit up the side and a pair of platform stripper heels, but I’m thinking more like making you into a huge, frothy, fluffy, frilly meringue! The classic frilly sissy look is fun, with a pink satin party dress festooned with ribbons and bows, but let’s take that idea and make it . . . BIGGER!

I think I’d choose a floor-length prom dress, something with all the crinolines, but three times the length and volume! The same poofy sleeves, but tighter through the bodice, to show off those big tits and corset-slimmed waist! Thigh high stockings with garters that attach right to the corset of course, and a nice tight girdle underneath! On your feet? Well, do they make ballet slippers with a heel? I Miss Rachel will make you Her coerced fem bon bon! 1-800-356-6169think they do, except that you’ll be en pointe all night!  More the better! *giggle*

Now look at yourself, coerced fem slave!

See how futile it was for you to say no? To talk all that macho shit when there was nothing and IS nothing you can do about the fact that I wanted to see you as My own little personal over-the-top bon bon? And you remember, if I detect any hint of attitude from you, I’ll send My assistant on a little vacation to Hawaii for several weeks with the key to your chastity device securely tucked into her luggage.

If you’re a good little bon bon, however, and participate cheerfully in your finishing classes, complete with learning to curtsy gracefully in that massive dress, I’ll make sure she only stays across town.

Sound like fun?


If you’d like to hear Me read this post, press “play” below!

Miss Rachel, Coerced Fem Mistress






25 comments to Coerced Fem: It’s Most Fun When Over-The-Top!

  • TeasedM

    This is a wonderful fantasy Ms Rachel.
    Being feminized by You when You are in the mood to be strict and go all out would be a lot to handle.

  • TeasedM

    Thank You Ms Rachel. Having You and Ms Tia feminize me would be too much too handle.

  • princess

    WOW!…..I would be thrilled to have you feminize me, so i may not be the ‘coerced type’….but Oh my! ‘extra small’ Chastity, waxing, restrained, hair extensions! I am so jealous….maybe i should fake a protest lol!

  • maid steph

    Oh my goodness Ms Rachel
    It sounds so wonderful to be totally helpless as you work your magic.
    Prepped and dressed by you I would have no problem being a very good little non bon for you.

  • maid steph

    You are tight as always Ms Rachel. I’m happier as the submissive sissy who accepts that Mistress always knows what is best for her. As a result I wouldn’t offer any resistance than anything any Mistress decides

  • Ms Rachel, I so very much enjoyed your blog post on coerced feminization. I absolutely burst out laughing when you described a tightly-corseted man bimbo-ized by obligatory shallow breathes and a subsequent lack of oxygen. Such a thought-provoking post.

  • Paulina

    I’m doing feminization circuit training with Ms Erika as my head mistress along with Ms Alyssa/Ms Cindy/Ms Olivia/Ms Erin & Ms Delia. Now that I’ve been put in friend zone by girls I know this means I’m not boyfriend material anymore:( I emailed Ms Erika my inventory of all my dresses/wigs/lipsticks/perfumes/lotions
    Ankle and knee high boots/heels/bras/
    panties/slips/makeup,etc. this will include therapy which I don’t think I need but they all think so as they will give me lots of lipstick kisses on my cheeks to weaken me and by time my circuit training is done I’ll become the cream puff girl forever as all 6 will have their nail firmly dug into me with no intention of ever letting me go.

  • AprilsissyNicole

    Oooooouuuuui la la best i have ever heard.Willing only one thing just one thing Piffy sleeves?

  • AprilsissyNicole

    Wow a little back ground on me.Started as a CD then was gender diagnosed by therapist that i must live life as a woman. 🚺 This is where you take over forever.

  • Paulina

    On Ms Alexis’ blog you responded about me knowing about cheerleading details instead of football. As well what I would wear with outfit. Long black shoulder length wig flowing into my eyes or leggings/knee high boots with bra. Ms Cassandra is right sissies including my self shouldn’t be watching football anymore. We should be calling all of you in keeping us as the girls we were always meant to be. I’ve turned into a cream puff girl for real. :0 🙁 I already have soft/smooth waxed girlish smelling skin. I can’t fight nor resist this anymore as Ms Erika said this isn’t about fantasy anymore it’s reality. She’s right as my masseuse has given me 5 of her bras to wear along with 4 of her old purses. She’s taken pictures of me dressed/madeup in lipstick on her phone. She can hit send anytime she wants as I have to do whatever she wants and asks of me without question.
    I want to ask her to take control over my feminization since she’s taken control over my spending so I can do massages 3xweek and monthly waxings. Do you think I should ask her to?

    • Rachel

      LOL Yes, I saw and responded to your reply there, as you have seen. But do feel free to continue to expose to the world what a little sissy creampuff you still are, despite the name change! *giggle*

  • AprilsissyNicole

    Fun Fun Fun till the cock cage is taken away. Sing it to Beach Boys song Fun Fun Fun till your Daddy takes the T Bird away. Decisions ? Tucked untucked. Caged. Bondage restraints shrinked? Why not try them all I purchased 2 new pairs of panties.PMG 1 SEXXY from Dollar Tree& way too small for me!😄😃😪😢😛😪😪😪😛😄

  • Paulina

    My masseuse knows I dress. She’s taken pictures of me in dress/makeup/lipstick/heels/gave me 5 of her old bras as she measured and fitted me in them. Also she has uses perfumes and lotions on my massages and cheeks. We’ve gone out for lunch/dinner where I’ve been dressed in stretch pants/leggings/ankle and knee high boots/with bra/panties smelling in midnight romance perfume and lotion. That was a thrill as I was nervous but she said not to worry. If anyone noticed or said anything she would tell them she did this to me. At my age most women are married with kids and I’m not. Also being put in friend zone by girls I know means I’m not boyfriend material anymore and I’ve accepted this. Now I can focus on the feminization circuit training program and have the mistresses dress/lipstick kiss/turn and keep me as a cream puff girl.

  • Sissy Lynn

    I love this post Ms. Rachel. I have always been an “over the top” sissy girl when I dress (which is every day) – love frilly outfits, ribbons and bows. I would love having you dress and humiliate me in the manner that you describe, or in the most feminine, girlie outfit that you can think of. It’s sooo easy to go over the top when your hair is as long as ours is. I love wearing my hair in very girlie ways when I go out shopping – when you have your hair in high pigtails with very girlie hair ties, barbie barrettes or in pink/flowered clips or scrunchies, the sales ladies KNOW that the female items that your shopping for are for you. I’m trying to get the courage up to go to Claire’s with high curled pigtails and pink ribbons. Is there such a thing as TOO over the top?

  • While I do love to dress up I have not been able to fully feminize. A coerced feminization session sounds like it is the way that I will have to go to fully submit as a sissy and finally fully accept my place.

  • owen

    I was dressed up by a girl for a period of time when I was in my very early 20’s. The first time she did it was bar none one of the most amazing and confusing experiences I had ever had ever. Basically she made me. It is hard to explain this because in my rational mind I knew that I could stop it or stop her at least rationally I though that. But it did not feel that way at all. I know that must sound odd. It is God’s truth. I felt like I needed to let her do what she was doing. Looking back I feel like I had a sense of belonging to her or being her property. I felt zero power to fight. She humiliated me quite a bit but literally delighted in it. I don’t fully get it. I guess I had some deep need to see her happy. It is hard to explain the need part and how it felt to me. The first time was the most throttling. Scary, exciting, overwhelming, confusing, thrilling. Humiliating. For a short while it became a “thing”. She did it each time I visited. It was easier for me on subsequent visits. Still humiliating but I was more at ease. Something about her power. It was like she just had all the power and decided how it would be.

  • AprilsissyNicole

    Yes dressing up with as a woman with a woman & for a woman is the most thrilling exciting experience a person could ever have as long as she doesn’t bring one of her asshole boyfriends around who pretend to be all macho & alpha when reality they are bull faggots .Well anyway i love to be pantied and braded by a woman and take whatever she is willing to do to me pegging is also a thrill

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