Have you ever wondered why you ended up in a cuckold relationship, cuck husband? You fixate on the reasons why your wife fucks other men, don’t you?

Maybe it’s with fond musing. Perhaps it’s a brooding lament. Maybe you’re drinking deeply of the cuckold cocktail while you meditate on the circumstances that lead you to where you are today. No matter what emotions or sensations attend your meditations, you continue to seek the architect of your downfall.

Is it your wife? Is it those pesky Alpha males? Or most commonly thought, a consequence of characteristics of yours that are out of your control?

I understand. It’s both bittersweet and instructive to retrace your steps in this regard, savoring your cuckold humiliation.

What if I told you CHOSE a cuckold relationship for yourself, long before you ended up in one?

That’s right. I’m going to explain to you, cuck husband, just what choices you made by which you determined your own future.

Could this be true?

Read on, and be encouraged to accept that you’re exactly where you belong, because it’s where you chose to be.


You punched above your weight, but pursued her anyway.

First of all, if you think about it, you’ll realize that most men do.

Women are socialized to protect the male ego, or at least avoid bruising it. And men count on that.

This leads them to “giving [men] a chance” when they don’t exactly inspire them at first glance. In general, this turns out the way it should; there’s enough to recommend a man that a woman can make peace with elements that leave something to be desired.

Whether it works out in the end or not, I believe initial reluctance like this is the natural functioning of feminine instinct. It means that women can often sense a beta male long before the clothing ever comes off. They’re also naturally less shallow, and more emotionally in tune, than men. This allows beta males, like you, to sweep women like her off their feet before they have the chance to discover your sexual shortcomings.

Think about it, cuck husband. Don’t men always try to get more than they arguably deserve? They have exacting standards, being visual creatures, of what constitutes an attractive woman, but an often delusional view of their own value. You’re no exception.

Don’t deny it, cuck husband.

Even way back when you were dating, somewhere deep inside, you knew your wife was above your pay grade. By the time she had the opportunity to determine you didn’t have much to offer sexually, she was emotionally hooked, with a touch of societal guilt thrown in for good measure. And on some level, you counted on that being the case.

Stick with Me here, because that first choice leads directly to another: You chose to believe the unspoken compromise men expect women will make would always carry.

Here’s the problem: you forgot the old adage that women marry men hoping they will change, and men marry women hoping they won’t. Remember what I said earlier about her hoping that sexual compatibility is something that can be cultivated? A woman can be patient for a long time, looking for ways to be satisfied with her lot. But sooner or later, she’ll give up hope. Then, either the sex life shuts down and she contents herself with masturbation . . .

Or you become a cuckold.

Wifey thought wrong when she surmised that the sex would get better with time, or would always be outweighed by the lifestyle you could provide, or all those warm, fuzzy feelings, but it’s to be expected. Your mistake was betting on the fact that your wife would always be content with the status quo.

Your shortcomings didn’t help.

Note that I didn’t say that your small penis or lack of stamina or erectile dysfunction or weak personality are irrelevant. In fact, perhaps your acknowledgement, whether conscious or subconscious, of these elements that lower your sexual market value activated your own instincts, leading you into a relationship whose sexual satisfaction you couldn’t sustain. I for one believe that there are some men who are destined to be in cuckold relationships, no matter what choices they make.

Add to that other things you can’t control, like the passage of time. You may have chosen to marry a woman who didn’t have much with which to compare your inferior capabilities. But the passage of time usually sees women become more and more liberated in their bodies, increasingly liberated from obligations to offspring, grow in self-confidence and self-discovery, not to mention the explosion of libido many experience in their 30’s and onward.

You, meanwhile, must contend with a lowering of testosterone levels every year starting at age 35, increasing problems getting and maintaining quality erections, a softening and drooping of what ever physical hallmarks you had to begin with that denote masculinity, and less strength and stamina, too. You can fight these changes in the gym and with pharmaceuticals, but it’s a losing battle.

“But My wife is getting older, too! What about her droops?”

The answer might surprise you, but only if you’ve been living under a rock. Older women’s sexual stock is sky-high, cuck husband! Just do a Google search for MILF fantasies, and even GILF fantasies, and see what demand there is for erotic material featuring this demographic. Especially among younger men, with their endless stamina, short refractory periods, hot bodies, huge cocks, and zest for experimentation. Speaking of which, the lowering of inhibitions and increase in experience women accrue as they age dovetails nicely with the best traits of younger Alpha males.

Dick of all descriptions is plentiful, practically no matter what a woman looks like or HOW old she is. Especially with how well older women are taking care of themselves these days. You’re not the only one imagining a strapping, virile male plunging his nine-incher into your wife’s middle-aged honeypot. Most likely there are scores of them fantasizing about it, too!

Maybe that’s another, more minor choice some of you made: to delude yourselves into thinking that sooner or later your wife would make peace with your pathetic skills and capabilities, because she wouldn’t have any other options!

Wrong!  *giggle*

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it, right cuck husband?

You’re a cuckold because you made a series of choices that led you to becoming one! Taking full responsibility for your choices is just as useful as admitting and accepting your shortcomings. There’s so much in your cuckold relationship in which you have no say, not if you want to stay married. It should feel empowering to know that you did have choices, and you made them.

Now you’re ready to choose to accept that!

And if you need further help in doing so, you know where to find Me!


Mistress Rachel, Cuckold Counselor