When a man calls Me wanting to talk about the the concern, jealousy, and arousal he is experiencing based around the idea that his wife may be seeing someone else, I’m always experiencing more than one thing Myself;  My mind is engaged as much as My libido. Kinky topics are as interesting to Me as they are arousing, and the humiliation and eroticism inherent in cuckold relationships are fertile ground for both.  I don’t think these cuckolds fail to understand why they’re in the predicament they’re in, but like many of us when facing a dilemma or identity crisis, it helps in terms of clarity and acceptance to hear what you may already know articulated by someone removed from your specific situation.  I’ve come to understand through repetition that a cuckold usually fails at one or more of the following:  inspiration, lubrication, penetration, or satiation.

How does a cuckold fail at inspiration?

Well, the most obvious failure of inspiration is the failure to inspire lust.  This can occur for many reasons.  Some are physical, and some are psychological or behavioral.  For example, it’s a very primal impulse for many women to be attracted to “the bad boy type”.  Maybe she’s got a relationship history that includes a man who may have broken her heart, but who she still can’t forget because he rocked her world in bed.  Even outside of the bedroom, the bad-boy tends to have a certain untamed swagger that speaks to a woman’s cro magnon instincts.  Maybe the cuckold of today was a bad boy himself at one point, but he allowed himself to become domesticated, complete with dad-bod, emotional neediness, and lack of confidence.  Such a man is often dependable, predictable, and, you guessed it, boring.

How does a cuckold fail at lubrication?

To be frank, for one reason or another, your moves just don’t make her pussy wet.  This can be for the same reasons that precipitate lack of inspiration, but can also be technical, too.  The cuckold can have a good-sized cock, still have a bit of swagger, and be utterly lousy in bed.  It takes more to be a good lover than an okay cock and the basic ability to slide Tab A into Slot B.  It takes instinct, coordination, and enthusiasm, which a lot of men don’t have because they’re too tuned in to what gets them off. Woe betide you if your wife meets a man who on paper might leave you asking, “what has he got that I don’t?”  If you have to ask, it’s probably something intangible, and some of those intangibles just can’t be taught.

How does a cuckold fail at penetration?

This one is the shortcoming with which most people are familiar.  These cuckies-in-the-making either have a small penis, erectile dysfunction, or cum too fast for their woman to get everything she needs from a fuck. Speaking for Myself, and many women I know, when it comes to penetration I’m only just beginning to get into it after 10 minutes, and that’s all some men have to give. Sure, it helps to be good at eating pussy, and a lot of men with small penises, limp noodles, and lousy stamina have acquired this skill.  But the majority of heterosexual women are at some point going to want to get stuffed, and for a decent amount of time, and there’s no substitute for that.  There’s definitely, however, a substitute for the man who doesn’t have that to offer.  Don’t worry–your pussy-eating skills might still come in handy.  It’s just the raw, pussy-stretching pounding that might need to be farmed out to someone else.

How does a cuckold fail at satiation?

It’s simple, really–you just can’t give her as much cock as she needs.  You could have a big cock, no problems getting hard, and plenty of stamina, but maybe you can only manage a good fuck session once or twice a week.  This is more than enough for many women, but the fact is, the sexual prime of the average woman comes far later than that of a man, and the desire of some women only gets higher the older they get.  With declining testosterone production beginning as early as age 30 in men, their ability to keep up with those needs begins to decline as well.  I know it can be hard on the ego, but the most giving thing a man can do when faced with this disparity in his relationship is to encourage his wife to seek out all the cock she needs.  In the best case scenario, it doesn’t mean she won’t fuck you anymore.  It just means she won’t fuck just you.  And remember, it’s easier to offer an apology than to ask for permission, so for those men who know they aren’t meeting their wives’ needs, it’s better to get ahead of the inevitable.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these cuckold failures?  Please feel free to confess among friends in the comments section below, or for further advice on how to transition into the new dynamics of your relationship, feel free to engage Me for a session.

Until next time!