Not everyone is suited for a classic cuckold relationship.  I’m sure there are a lot of happy couples out there with mainstream relationships.  They’re happy with the frequency and the quality of their sexual activity, and usually the female takes at least somewhat of a submissive role, as per patriarchy and tradition.  But what I read about and hear about more often are couples where one or the other of them would prefer that the quantity and quality of the sex life they share were different.  Generally it’s the male who wishes there was more sex, and the female who wishes for chastity.  In my last post, I talked about my theory (not my concept originally but the one I subscribe to based on what I’ve seen and heard) that much of the time it isn’t a matter of the female half of the relationship not wanting to have sex anymore.  It’s a matter of her not wanting to have sex with her husband.

Yes, I know, there are other reasons that can be responsible for the decline in the sex drive of so many married women.  If she’s given birth, her body may have changed in ways that make her feel insecure.  Childbirth can also change her hormones, and the focus of her mind, turning it to nurturing rather than to being a lover.  But how long can this be the excuse?  The conventional wisdom suggests that a man should do more and more and more to help out, to make things easier for his wife, to show her he cares.   What about the man who has done all this, and years have rolled by where he’s been forced to content himself with indifferent relief once a month (if he’s lucky)?

For many of those men, I submit that the very steps they’ve taken to show their woman that they care have, in effect, compromised their manhood.  No matter how much effort a woman exerts into domesticating a male once she’s married him, she will always long for the bad boy.  And once a husband has been domesticated–neutered, one could posit– he can never again fulfill that role.  He’s allowed himself to be trained and cowed into someone for whom his wife no longer gets wet.

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