Hello, Horny Readers!

When I last left you, DD had drained Adam’s big balls with his insatiable and talented throat pussy, and we’d left him in a cum-hiccuping heap on the floor to go out to dinner, with his teased and frustrated cock throbbing, and instructions to prepare for cock-pleasing of another kind later that night when We returned.

At our favorite local restaurant, I’m sure We looked like the picture of elegant young love, languidly enjoying each other’s company over steaks and red wine, and that’s accurate.  But if others had known what was going through Our minds as We exchanged burning looks, as I slipped out of My stilettos under the table and placed one silk-stocking-ed foot in Adam’s lap, lightly massaging the iron rod in His pants with My toes, they would have been scandalized.  Both Our minds were back at Our house, thinking about what was to come.

We forced Ourselves to take Our time over Our meal, not only to be sure to give our cock whore plenty of time to get ready for Us and to ache for Our return, and not only to savor the meal itself, but because despite Our anticipation, it’s important for Alpha males and dominant women to practice mastery of Our own desires.  Once you find yourself rushing to the pleasures inherent in a submissive, you are already on the road to ceding control, and that will never do.  Not for them, and not for Yourself.

But at last We finished Our bottle of wine, dawdled as long as We dared over a shared dessert, and made Our way back home to burn it all off.

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