I had the opportunity to speak with the illustrious Dickbreath Jamie a few days ago.  I think (s)he must have become aware of Me the same way I became aware of hir, as I had commented on a hilarious post about hir made on the blog of Miss Simone.  In O/ur conversation, I discovered that Dickbreath Jamie isn’t nearly as settled in hir identity as I expected hir to be, as s/he spent a great deal of time hemming and hawing about how the acquisition of the name wasn’t really due to anything s/he’d done, but more like something that simply happened to hir.  S/he took pains to explain how much effort s/he took in grooming hirself carefully, how much s/he enjoyed looking as much like a gurl as circumstances would allow, and–get this–how s/he couldn’t understand why s/he kept ending up in these situations where s/he’s down on hir knees sucking cock.  Jamie, could it be because you’re a cock-huffing sissy fuckdoll? And that your natural instincts bring you to the positions and situations in which you belong?

Jamie the sissy fuckdoll learned a bit more about “you are what you eat”!

Face it, jamie–this is what your smell communicates to everyone, no matter how demure you pretend to be!

Jamie the dickbreath sissy fuckdoll wondered if people, especially the ladies at the office, could tell that s/he “might have sucked a cock or two”. S/he whined that s/he didn’t really understand why that would lead to hir breath being rank, especially since s/he had stringent oral hygiene practices.  I told hir that often when people complain that your breath stinks, brushing and flossing and scraping your tongue isn’t always enough.  After all, sometimes, the smell of your breath comes from inside you, and is based on what predominates in your diet.  The same is true for people who are told that they have a certain body odor, even if they bathe regularly.  The compounds in some things you ingest come out of your pores. And since We all know that a major part of Dickbreath Jamie’s diet is cum, well, all the dental hygiene and girly perfume in the world won’t mask that fact!

That’s why the ladies at the office titter behind their hands, and why they insisted that if Dickbreath Jamie is going to prance around with hir titties sticking out, s/he should be made to wear a bra–because even if it’s unconscious, people can smell you, Jamie!  Their instincts tell them that you are a sissy fuckdoll, and that makes women giggle, and men realize they can come to you and say “suck my dick” or “sit on my cock”, and you will!

And lastly, if you weren’t a sissy bimbo cum-dumpster, Jamie, you wouldn’t have made that squirty mess in your panties while I told you the facts of sissy life, while I explained to you why you, as a sissy, were not going to be treated demurely by regular men, but like a barely sentient fleshlight.  You can’t turn a sissy whore into a housewife!

I could almost smell your dickbreath as your dominated and humiliated moans and groans filled the air, while I told you just how you would be put through your paces by My boyfriend’s 9.5″ if you were to join Our stable.  Your breathy voice, your slutty sashay, your perky nipples, your girly dress, and yes Jamie, the smell of cum from your mouth and your skin tells everyone who and what you are!  And you had the gall to suggest that Miss Simone might be exaggerating!  W/e all know the truth, and it’s time you embraced it fully, too!