Hello Horny Readers!

I’m only 5’6″, but I’ve got a 32″ inseam (depending on the pants).  I’ve played tennis since I was young, and do my Pilates diligently, among other fitness efforts that contribute to making My legs not just long, but lean and firm.  That’s a lot of leg, and a lot for a boy with a leg fetish to dream about.  Tell Me, all you devotees of sexy stems, how would you worship My legs?

I was thinking a few mornings ago as I lolled about in bed, how wonderful it would be to have a submissive slave that lived in house, specifically for the purposes of massage.  I’d just had a brutal workout the day before, and was groaning every time I moved, and not in the good way!  Everything from the small of My back to My ankles was positively throbbing with soreness, and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to have a slave to run Me a nice hot bath, carry Me to it, lower Me in carefully, shampoo My hair, scrub My back, rinse Me off, towel Me dry, and then carry Me to a prepared massage table to work out all the kinks?

I suppose anyone with a body worship fetish would do, but given that the work out the day before had been a leg day, it was a leg worship slave that I thought might suit Me best.  That made Me realize, as I daydreamed, that I’m not really sure what those who are particularly moved by a lady’s legs might like to do with them in their worship.  Would the privilege of having My sore muscles under their loving hands be enough to satisfy the fetish?  Or maybe they wouldn’t need to touch them at all, and it’s simply looking at them that would give them the aching tease they desire.  When a man is rendered weak by the sight of a pair of toned legs in pantyhose or stockings, is it the legs that tempt him, or the hosiery?

Do you consider yourself a leg man?  Here is a chance for you to edify Miss Rachel.  Tell Me what you’d like to do with My legs.  Tell Me how you would honor and worship them as they deserve.  *smile*