Hello Horny Readers!

Do you enjoy humiliation?  Well I certainly do!  For some of you, that’s no surprise.  But perhaps you’ve never been introduced to my sadistic side.

If that’s the case, I invite you to visit our site, Humiliation Bootcamp, and sample just one of the fantasies of psychological cruelty I enjoy through my recent post, Miss Rachel is the Pretty Girl Who Publicly Humiliated You.

The conclusion to the tale of degradation is offered in a short audio recording, so that you can hear my very own voice administering the hurtful remarks and cold rejection that makes some of you tingle in all the right places!  I admit the story is a little tame for some of you hardcore boys, but it’s a good place to start for the newly initiated.

I suppose it could be said that there’s a little bit of the thrill of humiliation in everything we do here at LDW, and there are many different kinds on offer.  Feel free to explore Humiliation Bootcamp, and then come to Me to be put in your place!