Hello Horny Readers! I realize I’m a bit under the wire with this last submission of My multi-Mistress call wish list. It’s the last day you can avail yourselves of the 20% off promotion. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this list of some of My favorite dominant women in the Enchantrix Empire has no expiration date! If you haven’t managed to arrange a session with Me and the Mistresses I’ve mentioned here or elsewhere this month, you’ll have it as a reference for the next time you’re in the mood to put yourself at the mercy of more than one Femdomme!

Really there’s just one lovely lady left on My Mistress must-haves list. The rest of this post will be devoted to dominant women I know I’ve shared playmates with before, but it was so long ago that, well, it’s a shame. Consider it an answer to the oft-asked question, “Have you ever played with [ insert sexy siren here]?”

The point is, the answer may be YES, but I need YOU to give Us yet another opportunity!

So without further ado, have you met . . .


Darling Madison


Goddess Rachel wants to share your Femdom phone sex session with other dominant women! 1-800-356-6169


You have? I’ve met Her too, of course, but I’ve never shared a submissive playmate with Her! Perhaps that’s because She’s an early riser, and I’m more of a night owl. Perhaps it’s because, as She says Herself, She’s more on the sensual and teasing side, while My default trends to the hardcore.

But what I do know is that She’s got many of you wrapped around Her pretty little finger! She’s the type of domme who inspires you to spoil Her, to give up control rather than require it to be wrested from your grasp. I’d love to listen in, and learn from Her just what kind of honey She dispenses that catches so many flies! I promise I’ll keep My vinegar in check! *giggle*

On the other hand, I’d like to think I’m multifaceted. So although I enjoy humiliating and strict domination most, I can be nice, too! Maybe if you’ve never experienced that side of Me, Madison can inspire Me to let it out!


Haven’t I seen you dominant women somewhere before?


Yes, and it’s been too long!

Goddess Rachel wants to share your Femdom phone sex session with other dominant women! 1-800-356-6169Mistress Kay Marie: Have you listened to Her podcast on Cock Radio, Happy Hour? You can catch it on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern. I did recently, and had occasion to remember how much fun We had once in a two-Mistress call! She’s spunky, smart, sexy, not to mention just the right amount of spicy!

She also has a special place in Her heart for sissies, so something tells Me if you are one, and want to be treated like one of the girls as W/e sit around and dish, the three (or more) of U/s could have a great time!

She’s a real-life MILF, and loves cuckold fantasies. I do as well! What if Mistress Kay Marie portrayed your sexy hotwife in a role play, and I Her best friend, who has finally convinced Her that She deserves more than you have to offer? Maybe the two of Us can sit down with you and explain just why it’s better for all concerned that you get used to the idea!

Alexis and I used to play frequently, years ago! Then She departed for a little while, and now She’s back! I remember the good laughs and kinky fun We shared, often at the expense of humiliation subbies, so if that idea arouses you, help Us get back to those good ol’ days!

I’m sure I’ve shared playmates with Miss Lena several times, but again, it’s been too long! If you follow Her hyperlinked name, you’ll get to read a little bit about Her. That alone should tell you something about what She and I have in common! Kink tastes and beyond!

“The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be . . . ROXIE!” What, you haven’t seenGoddess Rachel wants to share your Femdom phone sex session with other dominant women! 1-800-356-6169 Chicago? Fix that posthaste, and also arrange for a two Mistress call with the two of Us!

Mistress Roxie and I have had perhaps two sessions together, and fairly recently, too. That’s why I feel confident that We’re an excellent combination for more!


I could go on forever listing amazing dominant women!


I’m almost 100% sure Lacey and I have had at least one session together, but it could just be My spidey senses telling Me that We’d be a great match! I just love Her vibe, whether it’s My spidey senses or based in a delightful time together that was long ago enough that I don’t remember it specifically.

Change that for Me!

Danica is brill! We just had Our first session together a couple of weeks ago, and She’s got the perfect combination of creativity and zest for humiliation that really resonates with Me!

It resonated with Our playmate, too! He was a regular caller of Mine, and W/e’ve been having sessions for at least a decade.

I don’t remember the last time I heard him cum so loud or hard!

So that should tell you something: Danica and I are an explosive combination!


I have to stop somewhere.


Have I failed to mention your favorite Mistress? Have you been fantasizing about pairing Me with a Mistress you don’t see?

It’s probably simply because I have to stop somewhere!

Let’s face it, when We offer the type of world class phone sex We offer, every one of the dominant women who comes to Us to wield Her whip is going to be a cut above the rest! Feel free to get in touch with Me and ask about specific Mistresses, and I’ll be honest with you as to whether or not I think We’re a good match!


Goddess Rachel