Hello, Horny Readers! The end of Masturbation May is in sight! As you know, We’ve spent the month highlighting all the different ways to stroke (Mistress-controlled preferred of course). Orgasm edging newbies have explored the delicious torment for the first time. Long-time stroke slaves have discovered new devotion. And even though I’ve been engaging in various forms of cock control for a long time now, I’ve had the opportunity to note particular appreciation for certain aspects Myself. As I write, it’s edging and ruined orgasms on My mind.

Not the two separately, though each is a delight on its own, but rather, how well they go together!

I can sense that some of you may be surprised to know that I enjoy it when I ruin your orgasm during an edging session. You probably think that My goal is for you to keep every drop of that cum in your ever-darkening and tightening blue balls.

Well, that’s true. But keep in mind that I understand this sort of submission to Mistress’ desire takes practice. I accept the fact that accidents will happen along the way. But if you have to have an accident, a ruined orgasm is the preferred variety!

In fact, edging and ruined orgasms together have a charm all their own! You could even say I desire just such an “accident”.

Rather than disappoint, edging and ruined orgasms together please Me!

Sometimes, anyway.

Look, think of it this way. There’s a hierarchy of pleasing outcomes for Me when you edge:

  • The gold standard: No orgasm, just edge after edge until your arm gets sore, W/e run out of time, or somehow the stars align and I allow you to explode.
  • Not the goal, but deeply titillating: ruined orgasm
  • A no-no subject to punishment: full-on stroking load-blow without permission

Now, some of you who read My blog regularly might protest, “but Mistress, didn’t you impose cum eating punishment on a stroke slave who ruined his orgasm during training?

The answer is “yes”, of course, but this was a submissive who was given explicit instructions, as part of a strict orgasm denial program. He a.) did not follow instructions, and b.) had an orgasm.

Yes, a ruined orgasm still counts as an orgasm. Especially when you are under strict orgasm denial.

So you see, context matters!

My Sadistic Streak Plays A Role

I suppose I might not be as gleeful when orgasm edging and ruined orgasms happen in tandem if I didn’t understand how frustrating ruined orgasms can be. Are meant to be.

Have you ever had a ruined orgasm? Maybe you’re not even sure what one is (I’m gratified to say that if My recent sessions are any gauge, new potential playmates are discovering My blog, and Femdom kink in general, every day).

Well, W/e won’t get too expansive, since plenty has been written around the Enchantrix Empire about the subject, and any of the links for that phrase in this post will take you to a more detailed explanation. But basically, when you reach the edge of orgasm, stop stimulation in an effort to stave it off, but fail, and experience a hands-free expulsion of semen, that’s a ruined orgasm.

It arouses Me, the way you struggle to hang on.

But what does the fact that I can be a very sadistic Mistress have to do with it?

Well, most stroke boys who experience ruined orgasm will tell you that you end up no less horny and desperate than before, and maybe end up even more so, even though they technically ejaculated. The balls are cramped, awaiting a relieving draining that never came, even though the volume of cum inside of them has decreased.

Rather than relieve the desperation caused by edging, a ruined orgasm will often deepen it.

And nothing makes My pussy so wet as your desperation. It’s as simple as that.

A Caveat to the Edging and Ruined Orgasms “Accident”

I can imagine that some of you might be thinking to yourselves, “Hmmm, great! I might just be able to sneak an orgasm by Mistress Rachel as long as She thinks it was an accident!”

Trust Me, you’re welcome to try. But remember, preceding a ruined orgasm, your hand is completely clear of your cock. Usually several seconds pass hands-free while you will that cum to stay down in your balls before you produce your defeated dribble. That is, if you are indeed submitting in good faith. And I will always defer to My instincts and eagle eye rather than your testimony. I know ruined orgasms, and strokeboys, too well.

Further, My edging instructions prior to that include the expectation that you will eventually tune into your body to the extent that you can feel the point of no return approaching, and offer up My preferred at-the-edge notification “May I Cum?” well in advance of reaching it. So, I suppose if you’re new to Me, I might be lenient despite suspicion. After all, getting to know your body and the sensations that accompany imminent orgasm can take a bit of practice, just like edging overall. But that buys you maybe 3 edging sessions to get away with it.

After that, I will conclude that you are engaging in subterfuge.

And then you’ll find out just how sadistic I can be.

Accidents will happen. Sometimes happy accidents!

Despite the above caution, I believe that the vast majority of My orgasm denial pets and edging slaves want to edge for Me. They want to edge how I tell them to, as many times as I desire. And they want to leave it up to Me as to when or if they get a release. Gooners, of course, crave the edge, and to surf it for as long as they can. They often experience inadvertent squirting as a disappointment to themselves as much as or even more than fearing they’ve failed Me, since whether or not they’ve experienced a full orgasm, the popping of the euphoria bubble might still follow.

But overall, I know that you want to make Me happy. You want to follow instructions, to do what you’re told, to sacrifice the transient satisfaction of a ball-draining squirting for the enduring warm and fuzzy feeling I derive from your submission. So, just know that if you are doing your level best, and you still dribble a bit from time to time even after I’ve told you “no”, understand that I won’t be angry.

In fact, as I hope I’ve explained clearly, I may be even more pleased. *wink*

Have you experienced a ruined orgasm while edging? Did it make you feel even hornier than before? Are you able to continue to edge after a ruined orgasm? Please share in the comments!

And of course, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned stroker, please feel free to get in touch for a session, during which W/e will put your orgasm edging prowess to the test!


In ecstatic edging and rapacious ruined orgasm,

Goddess Rachel

P.S.:  If you’re not on Twitter, you may have missed the sharing of the Dear Mistress Rachel podcast I used to have. This episode is about ruined orgasms, and their relationship to edging in another way.

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