I Don’t Just Want You Edging Though….

Time to take a ride my edging pet!

I want you edging all the way – riding the edge in fact! Most strokers, when they’re being teased and get to the edge of orgasm, need to back off and rest, if only for a few seconds. They need to let that edge die away a bit, or else they’d have to ruin their orgasm! Once they’ve cooled down, they can start stroking again though. Well…until the next edge hits. Start, stop, begin again…it’s maddening. Instead, today I want to teach you how to ride an edge, so you don’t have to stop and you can have that pleasurable feeling of being right on the cliff of orgasmic bliss, hopefully without actually going over.

A Little Prep, Start With Kegels

Kegel exercises will strengthen your PC muscles, and clamping down on those PC muscles will help you to maintain the edge and keep the jizz in your balls (Side benefit – when you are actually allowed a release, you’ll have a more powerful, longer lasting orgasm!). You can Google kegel exercises and it will tell you how to do them. Do them during the day sitting at your desk! Try to aim for 1,000 or more a day. After a week of Kegels, we can start you riding that edge!

Time To Get To Some Edging….And Ride Each One

As you’re stroking away, and you feel that edge building up, clamp down with those PC muscles. At the same time, as the edge starts to get more intense and you feel yourself slipping towards orgasm, slow down your stroking and lighten your touch. You may have to slow down to one stroke every 10 seconds, but you should be able to maintain that edge and it should start to decrease…at which point you can start stroking hard and fast again. Start out by riding each edge for 20 seconds, then increase the time of each edging – each to it’s orgasmic cliff. When you start, you may go just a bit too far. If you do, go ahead and ruin that orgasm! As soon as all that cum has dripped out, start all over again! When you have conditioned yourself to the point that you can ride that edge for a minute or more, you’ll feel so good about it that you might never want to actually cum again!

Leave us a comment below letting us know all about your edge riding experience…or better yet, call us and let your two Favorite Mistresses guide you through it!

And thank you Miss Rachel for hosting me today!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine