Hello, Horny Readers! Now don’t panic. I’m not leaving you or radically changing anything. On the other hand, knowing how devoted some of you are to your Femdomme Goddess Rachel, even a slight change can be jarring. Rest assured, just like the next size down in a chastity device, you’ll get used to it!

The thing is, I’ve decided to get a bit more organized. I have a running list of tasks related to providing the best distance domination play possible for all of you. There’s something new to add, so the list is never blank!

Don’t get Me wrong; I love it! I love this passtime of training you, titillating you, and erotically exploiting your kinks, fetishes, and desires. But I think I could be even better at that if I improved My time management!

For years now, you’ve gotten used to seeing Me available from around mid-afternoon to late night. The summary of how that will look different is as follows:

  • Most of the time I will still be around.
  • Just because you don’t see Me, it doesn’t mean I’m not available.
  • If I’m not available when you expect, check the sticky post.
  • To ensure playtime when you want it, plan ahead!

Read on for details.


First Rule of Thumb: Check the Sticky Post


The Schedule and News post on this blog is updated frequently. It’s meant to keep you apprised of My sexy mean girl moves. If you haven’t bookmarked it already, you should. It’s not a bad idea to check it before you get your mind set on My particular brand of Femdom phone sex.

The messages are likely to be one of three types:

  • I am online, ready to rock your socks and control your cock.
  • I am here, but working on creative kink projects offline. I will be monitoring E-mail and Skype, and will happily make Myself available for a session with you by request if you contact Me that way.
  • I am not available, but expect to return at such-and-such-a-time


Why these changes in your Femdomme Goddess‘ availability will ultimately be good for you


The fact is, when you see Me online, I’m not just waiting for the phone to ring. Before now I designated all of those hours giving My dominant sexual energy to lots of different things. I’m going to be starting a podcast, for example. Blog posts. Erotic audio.

But I’ve found that it’s easier to focus on things when part of My brain isn’t always prepared for the phone to ring. And when I focus a bit more, that means even more ways for you to enjoy what I create, and even better creations.


What if your sessions are more spur-of-the-moment?


“But Goddess Rachel, when my cock is hard or my asspussy is hungry for your strapon, I just want to pick up the phone and dial! Do I really have to check your sticky post every time?”

No. No you don’t.

Because Our delightful dispatchers and concierge desk will also be apprised of My productivity plans when they come into play. If I am in “available but invisible” mode, they will know even if you don’t. When you call and ask for Me, they can contact Me within seconds, I will reply within seconds, and you will then be connected with Me seconds after that.

But I wanted to let My submissive minions know ahead of time. Some of you worry when you don’t see Me as you expect to that something is wrong or I’m gone for god knows how long.

“Well it sounds like sometimes you’ll be gone for the day completely, when I was looking forward to playtime with My Femdomme Goddess!”

An excellent solution for that, My pet, is to make an appointment.


Appointments with your Femdomme Goddess


Actually, I think it’s a great idea. Why shouldn’t you carve out time within My expected hours (which you should have committed to memory by now) to devote to Me? If you’ve been hankering for days or hours, let Me know. Then I can make sure to be here.

I can also spend the time between appointment and play to daydream about ways to use you for My pleasure or entertainment. 😈

E-mail (Rachel@enchantrixempire.com) is probably the best way to make an appointment. But if you follow Me or W/e are mutuals on Twitter, you can DM. Skype also works.

Overall, I’ll always be fully available right around 1pmEST to arrange or have sessions and start My day with the sexy banter I share with many of you on social media. And in general, things won’t be much different.

And in the end, some of the lessons from My strapon training apply here as well:

It’s good to learn to be a little flexible, and preparation is good. 😉

Looking forward to playing with you soon!


Femdomme Goddess Rachel