Hello, Horny Readers! Well, another three day weekend has passed. Over holidays, I often hear from playmates via E-mail or chat, telling Me how much they miss Me and crave the attention of their favorite Femdomme. They’d love to call, but family, friends, and social obligations abound.

It makes Me giggle that you miss Me when, in some cases, W/e’ve just had a session days before. But actually, I understand. It’s natural that your craving for a session is greater when it’s least convenient to have one. We always want the things we can’t have more than the things that are easily accessible. Kind of like an orgasm for a tease and denial pet.  *smile*

Privacy can be at a premium over holidays, for anyone who lives with others, or just has a busy schedule. But there are alternatives that can tide a horny slut over until privacy can be obtained.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you of these, and that your Femdomme Miss Rachel is never far away!

Explore My free Femdomme content! It’s everywhere!

New stroke boys, sissies, fuck sluts, humiliation whores, etc., find Me every day, usually through My blog. I’m gratified that I have so many regular readers, and that they enjoy My posts even if circumstances make it difficult for U/s to explore more personally. I want to point out that the LDW Empire, and My footprint in it, is bigger, however, than My blog.

For example, there are free audios  on both Teasemania.com (general Femdom) and Getgirlie.com (coerced fem and other forms of feminization kink). You do have to sign up for both of them, but it doesn’t cost you anything to do so. Once in, you can just look for the Sound Files forum, and enjoy audios from Me, and other Femdomme Mistresses as well!

Another example: click on the Group Blog Posts tab at the top of this page, and enjoy! They all have a spicy audio at the end!

You have the time, and a door you can close, but can’t make noise!

Don’t forget about SexyTexting. You and I can roleplay, have direct teasing, training, and instruction sessions, and even just a plain old conversation, all through text. Do download Skype and add Me there (enchantrixrachel), since that’s where those sessions occur for Me. Also, on Skype, you can appear on cam for Me while you do what you’re told without having to speak!

That’s kind of delicious, actually. A figurative ball gag, put in place by circumstance!

It’s up to you, however, to keep your moans under control. And don’t expect Me to go easy on you just because you’ve got that little challenge with which to contend!  *giggle*

More audios from your favorite Femdomme!

If you’ve got room in your budget for a bit of luxury, why not treat yourself to:

  • One of My audios for sale in the audio store, or
  • A custom audio just for you?

I put a lot of effort into My audios, especially the personalized ones. Many boys have been surprised at how much they come in handy when a session just isn’t possible. Granted, at those times when you don’t have the house to yourself, or it’s not safe to actually do anything about that hard on in your pants, it can be a bit of a tease. But I encourage boys to use that time to reabsorb the sexual energy they can’t expel conveniently, and save it for when they can!

If you and I have never had a session together, but you’re considering a custom audio, fill out My pre-call questionnaire, copy both questions and your answers into an E-mail, and send it to Me. As long as what interests you also interests Me, from there W/e can figure out exactly how to make you a great audio you’ll listen to over and over again!

Or, just hit Me up via E-mail or Skype informally, and W/e’ll talk about just what you’d like to hear when you press “play”.

So there you have it! You may not always be able to play with Me directly, but there are many ways to keep Me on your mind.  *wink*

In the meantime, listen to the little audio below, where I talk about another way I’ve been thinking about keeping in touch with sluts when the spirit is willing, but the flesh is trapped behind a desk!


Miss Rachel, Femdomme