I’d like to think that by now I’m pretty well-versed in feminization and humiliation, but there’s always something new to learn, no matter what subject you’re considering. Frankly, I think more and more “men” are becoming interested in Femdom of all kinds, and perhaps the marketplace is responding with more and more accessories and services to cater to these desires.  I’ve recently come across something that I suppose I should have known was out there in some form, but that I’d never actually seen, and that I’d love to see a feminization or humiliation slave wear on webcam or in photos:  a prosthetic pussy.  In My mind, I see something like the Vee-String Vagina Prosthesis on some of My sissies, and on those interested in small penis humiliation particularly.

Just imagine:  You’re being feminized by a strict Mistress.  She’s had you remove all of your body hair, you’ve started to become well-versed in the application of make-up, and styling your hair to Her specifications, and you’ve got an extensive wardrobe. Your Mistress has already induced you to think of the dangly bit between your legs as a clitoris, no matter its size or functionality.  Imagine lifting the hem of your skirt or pulling aside your sissy panties and being confronted with an actual pussy attached to your body?

Imagine your Mistress has already told you that what you used to call your penis before She educated you out of your delusion has more in common with what a real woman finds between her legs than what she would want inside of her?  What if the only way She would allow you to touch it is with a vibrator, through this prosthetic pussy?

To be clear, it doesn’t just fit over the genitals.  Your sissy- or man-clitty slips right into a pocket inside.  The prosthesis can accept penetration, and I can’t help but imagine the depths of erotic humiliation or feminine verisimilitude a sub would experience by slipping a vibrator, a dildo, or even a real cock inside, feeling it rubbing against all his or hir naughty parts (granted, this may provide only indifferent pleasure to the Stud Cock, and this is more important than anything else in that scenario).

It’s true, such an investment isn’t for everyone.  These are pricey.  But some of My playmates are so devoted to their pursuit of feminization and small penis humiliation that it’s worth it.  If it turns out that this is true for one of you, or if you already have one of these, I’d love to have you E-mail Me with photos of you wearing it, or better yet, experiment with you in a session.  You can also just share the fruits of your experiences with Me in the comments section.

Until next time!