Hello, Horny Readers!  Are you a fan of feminization, but you find it hard to hide your tastes from your wife, girlfriend, or roommates?  I’ve been feminizing submissives with LDW for over six years now, and over time I’ve heard this problem iterated quite often.  It’s allowed Me to come up with a few tips, tricks, and suggestions for hiding or downplaying some of the practices that tend to make a gurl feel the most femme.

We’re heading into the cold months where I live, and if you call Northern climes home as well, this is the ideal season for discrete feminizing!  You can get away with almost anything if you’re single, or if you have a girlfriend you only see once in a while.  In that case, you have no excuse not to wear panties every single day. In fact, there’s no reason not to put on the whole works, including stockings and a bra, since they’re going to be hidden under long pants and heavy shoes.  

But what if you enjoy the thrill of wearing something out in the open?  In cool weather, I think jeans are the best vehicle for your exhibitionism, without being overt about it. That’s right–get some girl jeans!  They’re cut in such a way that they will round your hips and ass, and minimize your bulge (especially if you have a nice tight pair of panties on underneath).  People might not be able to quite place why you look different, but they’ll surely notice something!  Meanwhile, you’ll be blushing to yourself, dying to be discovered, thrilling to the possibility of humiliation at any moment!  And if you get caught, you can always say that it’s a new style!  No one will believe you, but that’s okay!

Speaking of the panties you wear underneath those girl jeans:  Even if you don’t choose to wear girl jeans, think about wearing a thong, and making it a point to bend over and let your shirt or sweater ride up.

What about choosing a scent for yourself that’s decidedly girly?  Feminizing happens from the skin out, in My opinion.  Get some sweet-smelling shampoo or body wash, and use it every day.  Unless your wife or girlfriend complains, why worry?  It’s a nice way to remind yourself that you know who you are inside, even if you can’t live it overtly all the time.  And if that’s too much for you, get some girly-smelling hand lotion to apply at work, and keep the feminizing scent with you all day long!

Lastly, think about feet. Who really notices feet, whether a roommate or partner?  You may not be able to get away with the bright pink nail polish of your dreams, but you can probably get away with getting a pedicure anyway, removing the hair on the tops of your toes if there is any, sloughing off all of that dead skin, and even having a clear coat of polish applied.  When you slip into those sexy heels you have hidden in the back of your closet, your feet will look sexy whether your nail beds are bright or not!

If you try any of these tips or suggestions, please feel free to let Me know how they worked out for you!