Hello, Horny Readers! Well, you learn something new every day! Even when you’re an experienced Femdomme goddess like Myself! A recently-acquired piece of knowledge? The term “foxing”!

Apparently, this term was coined fairly recently, out of the male chastity community. Foxing refers to the act of a male in chastity fucking a woman with a strap-on.

The concept isn’t new to some of you, I’m sure. But I still meet subbies from time to time who are surprised that there are strap-ons designed to be worn by men. I’m always delighted to be the one to inform them that there are, and what they’re for.

Now then, isn’t foxing hot?

I mean the practice, not necessarily the term. I’m not adding it to My informal Femdom glossary because that’s reserved for terms that make Me tingle or giggle. “Foxing” has a ring to it, but it doesn’t tickle Me, per se.

I do, however, like adopting succinct terminology if it exists, and if it fits. “Foxing” exists, and in a bit of a roundabout way, fits!

As it was explained to Me, it’s sort of a portmanteau of “faux” and “fucking”.

Faux fucking!

I think it works, don’t you?

And if W/e’re talking about the practice, well that definitely tickles Me. In the brain, and, in other places. *wink*

So, why does foxing arouse Me? And why will it it arouse some of you?

Because of its potential for teasing, tormenting, and humiliating the chastity slave, of course!

Read on and let’s explore!


Chastity Teasing


Picture it. You’ve been locked in a nice tight chastity cage for a good long while. Your balls have achieved that coveted (by Me) half-filled-water-balloon appearance and heft. Perhaps they’ve also acquired the slight blue tinge I find so sexy.

I tell you that you’ve been a good boy over the last 3 cock-locked months, and that tonight, W/e’re going to fuck in celebration.

Those of you who know Me well would understand that if I ever told a subbie, particularly a chastity slave, that I want to fuck, having you crawl between My legs and penetrate Me would be the last thing I’d mean. But hope and delusion both spring eternal amongst men in general, and particularly among those with blue balls, no matter the origin, so just suspend disbelief for the purposes of the daydream at hand.


Good. Let’s continue.

Imagine the longing, the swelling, the dripping throughout the day. W/e pass each other in the hall, and I give you a coquettish smile. You struggle to keep My customary admonishment in mind– participate, don’t anticipate–lest you act up and lose your reward.

True, you think, you will probably cum in about two pumps once you are allowed to slide into My creamy pussy, but the memory of those two pumps will sustain you for months of orgasm denial to come!

Typical of you to be so fixated on what you’ll get out of it. That’s why you’re in chastity in the first place. But I know what’s best for you, and more importantly, what’s best for ME!

Don’t you worry your pretty little purple cockhead. I’ll make sure both O/ur best interests are taken into consideration.


Foxing is best for you AND for Me!


Lucky for you, I’m looking out for you! I won’t allow you to shame yourself by failing Me as a two-pump chump. After all, I delight in your shame, but not if it’s at My expense!

Not to mention the fact that long term chastity may have downgraded the size and tensile strength of your erection by now, if it was ever anything to speak of in the first place.

Finally, the time comes. You are groomed, naked (except for the cage), and standing at the end of the bed where I lay, similarly nude and in all My glowing, horny glory, legs spread to reveal the holy grail, the key to your chastity device gleaming against the dewy skin between My breasts.

You lie down carefully, face first, to eat My pussy to a few orgasms, which you’ve become so much better at since being locked. Delusional about the current circumstances as you may be, at least you realize that whether requested or not, you’d never be allowed to fuck Me without licking Me to a few orgasms first.

Then, when the pressure of My thighs around your head relaxes (your customary cue that your pussy worship has been sufficient), you get up on your knees.


The moment of truth!


Your face is glazed with nectar and flushed with desire. You wait quietly and politely as the last wisps of My afterglow dissipate. Soon My eyes will open, and I will retrieve the key from around My neck.

Then, I snap you out of your reverie with the following words:

“Don’t forget to put on your cock, sweetie. It’s in the nightstand, along with your harness. Hurry now. I really need a good dicking!”

Oh, your quiet sniveling as you sort out the straps and step into them. Oh the sweet sting of humiliation as you regard the comparison between your desperate little bundle and the long, thick silicone dong settled right above it. And although you do enjoy My cries of ecstasy as you work away between My legs the way that worthy, uncaged men do with their very own cocks, it only makes your cage tighter, and your chastity torment more extreme.

Isn’t that beautiful?


Foxing: Food for Gratitude


Well now, My faithful and horny readers, aren’t you glad to have learned about this new phrase? What’s more, now you have some imagery to carry with you and inspire you to please the woman in your life in new ways, rather than continue to disappoint her.

You’re welcome!

And especially you chastity slaves out there. Aren’t you gratified to learn that not only are there still ways you can plunge into the depths of a hot, wet, pussy without giving up the valuable pursuit of abstinence, but also that now you know the name?

You’re welcome!

Humiliation slaves, are you not perspiring a bit at the hairline and prepared to hump the air?

You’re welcome!

Only do that in session with Me, so that you can spread the enjoyment to Me as I have spread it to you!

Happy Foxing!



Goddess Rachel, Foxing fan