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Hello, horny readers! Are you curious about Mistress managed gooning? Do you need a bit of gooner affirmation?

If you haven’t yet pursued serious gooning, but are curious, what do you expect to feel? What do you think gooning is about, and why does what you assume draw you? Do you have misgivings or fears associated with or about this species of long-term orgasm denial?

If you’ve already begun your gooner journey, are you ever left with feelings of shame after a goon session? Do you feel your gooning habit detracts from your life, rather than adds to it?

I’m writing to encourage you that the practice of gooning can add to the quality of your life, but only if you have the right focus, and, I suggest, My masturbation management.

Not sure what I mean by focus?

I’ve expounded elsewhere on why Mistress managed gooning is the best way to pursue it, and if you’d like to read more about that, be sure to check out the link in the first paragraph.

But having the right gooning coach is only part of it. Making your gooning practice a positive experience also involves your attitude toward gooning, and that of the material you consume for encouragement and inspiration.

Allow Me to explain.


Gooner Affirmation: Schools of Thought


I’m going to start out with the opinion that there is more than one school of thought as far as gooning is concerned. If you’ve been on your gooner journey for long, you’ve probably come across at least one. Especially if you’re a porn gooner. These schools of thought can be defined by how you’re encouraged to feel about your gooning habit:

  • Self-Destructive
  • Neutral
  • Net positive

So what’s the difference?

Gooner affirmation with a self-destructive bent will encourage you to let everything else in your life crumble to dust in favor of feeding your gooning habit, whether that be relationships, finances, job, hygiene, or even your health.

You’ll see messages about destroying your brain, and, though it may appeal to those with a blasphemy fetish, even your soul. Especially for porn.

While I enjoy femdom degradation scenes with established playmates whose understanding of the fetish, mental strength, and sense of self preservation I’ve come to trust over time, I am leery, as a dominant, of placing degradation at the core of an ongoing practice like gooning.

Because what’s the end game?

The end game, when you commit to gooning for the purposes of elevation is, well, going higher! The sky’s the limit! Endless bliss!



Sensual humiliation gooning


There’s a difference between degradation and humiliation. There’s a difference between hardcore humiliation, and sensual humiliation. I happen to think that sensual humiliation goes especially well with an ongoing gooning practice, while not threatening to change the focus. If you already have a humiliation kink, that is.

What I propose is, like any other form of Mistress-managed masturbation: gooning as the core, with any or all of your other kinks like frosting on a cake.

And if you think about it, gooning is a wonderful alternative for those whose sexual market value is low. Some of you would feel condescended to by the lie that there’s someone for everyone, because W/e all know there isn’t.

That said, why should you forgo the pursuit, and possibly the experience, of sexual bliss, just because you’re an incel, have a small penis, or are in an intractably sexless relationship?

Sure, I’m a humiliatrix, but there’s more than one way to think about and exploit your shortcomings. Gooner affirmation for those who would otherwise be completely sexless is, I think, a net positive!


Gooner Affirmation: You’re not necessarily a loser.


If it makes you tingle to have Me acknowledge you as a loser, I will, in any other context but a committed gooning practice.

But the truth is, successful gooners aren’t weak.

It takes strength to commit to this form of self-imposed long-term orgasm denial in pursuit of something bigger than a couple of seconds of throbbing pleasure. Then there’s the character to let go of goal-oriented stroking long-term, to master the impulse toward instant gratification and easy wins.

It takes trust, in the process, and in your gooning masturbatrix. Further, it takes the strength to confront and defeat all the messages from society or perhaps your upbringing that tell you that masturbation is inherently wrong or deviant.

You do need physical health–stamina, and a strong constitution in general. The long periods of stimulating arousal as your gooning practice grows is delicious, but should be grown into. I also recommend a male stroker, like a fleshlight, or wrist brace, or maybe both, to take some of the pressure off of your stroking wrist and stave off repetitive motion injury.

I feel sure there are many of you out there who have what it takes, plus the same philosophy about gooning as I do. Or at least the ability to acquire it.

I know you also have another essential: desire. And yet another, perhaps just now growing: a desire to goon for Me.


Gooner Affirmation in Session


I’ve long been intrigued by gooning, and how it differs from tease and denial or other forms of orgasm control in the Femdom space. I’ve had some fun with hardcore humiliation attached to gooning sessions, but as I sink into it more deeply, I find that I want to encourage gooning in a way that’s more rare in the scene: not as something that marks you as inferior, but as a high-level exploration of your sexuality.

If you would like to pursue a serious gooning practice, but your interest doesn’t involve degradation, I’d love to know how your ideal gooning affirmation session would look.

I’ll provide you a spoiler alert in sharing that I have some fairly significant things in the works, involving a training program with erotic audios and the potential for custom audios that you will be able to access as a package.

If you’re currently a gooner, or would like to be one, and what I’ve written here resonates with you, share any and all ideas you may have around gooning affirmation, and how you would like to experience it. You are welcome to come to Me in session as well, so that W/e can discuss it further, and you can receive just this brand of gooner affirmation from Me directly.

Stay tuned!



Goddess Rachel, Gooner Affirmation Masturbatrix


P.S. Listen in below for a little taste of what gooner affirmation may sound like with elevation at its core! Keep in mind that I am an experienced masturbatrix, but fairly new to this corner of the kink world. So constructive criticism and informative opinions are welcome!