Hello, Horny Readers!  I’ve heard it again.  Another example of the infidelity of a husband transforming his partner into a hotwife. Another story of a devoted spouse, keeping the house and keeping her vows, only to discover that her husband cannot do the same, and now he is calling Me for sympathy.

He didn’t get it, of course. They never do.

After the tears and anger and talk of divorce, after he begs her for another chance and tells her he will do anything to keep the marriage intact, she gives it some thought.  

First she thinks that he cheated, not because she didn’t make herself available to him sexually, but because he was so greedy that it wasn’t enough.  Then she admits to herself that perhaps she could have been a more enthusiastic lover, that the fact that she never said no is not the same as looking forward to it.  That quantity does not equal quality.

And then, perhaps, the idea comes to mind that maybe she would have been more enthusiastic if the activities of the marriage bed had been something to which to look forward. Maybe he’s not the only one who is bored.

She decides that she’s going to need to rebuild trust with him through assurances of his newfound commitment to fidelity.  At the same time, she feels the need to rediscover her sexual self, buried under years of laundry and meal prep and running the social calendar, subsuming herself under the burden of keeping her husband’s life running smoothly. Maybe there’s a bit of tit for tat involved as well. Her resentment is too strong to be able to rediscover that sexual self with him. And thus, through the faithlessness of man, another hotwife is born.

But Mistress, I can hear you say, she admitted that she let the bedroom get stale!  Can you really blame him for going elsewhere?

Yes, reader, I can. Because when you’re a grownup, you learn to delay gratification.  And when you’re a married grownup, you come to your spouse with your concerns, and talk it through.  Perhaps if he had done so, they could have figured out together how to put the “life” back in “sex life”.  But that isn’t what he did, now is it? He had the opportunity to help his wife rediscover her lust, but now that task will fall to someone else. Someone younger, with a bigger cock.

Only now as his new born hotwife primps for her first date with that someone else does he remember the fresh young thing he courted years ago. Only now as she slips into a new bra and panty set purchased for the occasion does he remember how much he loves her breasts, does he notice how hard she has worked over the years to stay fit, does he observe the fruits of all the squats she did at the gym so that he could be proud when other men looked at his hand resting on her tight, round bum.

But then he remembers how long it had been since he took her on a date so that he could show her off like that. Now she’s going on a date alright, to be shown off by, you guessed it, someone else. But only long enough for them to get through dinner. Then it’s a hasty retreat to the hotel room that the soon-to-be cuckold husband is paying for with his credit card, so that she can begin to recover the sexual being he took for granted.

Think of it this way, I told him.  A few hotel rooms and a new wardrobe is still less expensive than alimony for an ex-wife you insisted give up her career years ago to make you her job. And who knows?  Maybe her sexual explorations will cause her to rediscover interest in your cock as well. At least as a placeholder between dates.


That word resounds in his head as she smiles at herself in the mirror, oblivious to him sitting on the end of the bed, pouting like a sad sack and regretting his misdeeds.

Readers, I admit that I’m biased.  I admit that My sympathy, as a believer in broad-based female superiority, is almost always going to be with the woman in situations like these. But hopefully this can serve as a cautionary tale to those of you considering infidelity rather than communication. Because of the willfulness of cocks, and the men to which they’re attached, a new hotwife has the potential to be born every minute.