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Humiliated Cuckold, Do You Prefer That Your Wife Doesn’t Know You Know?

Humiliated cuckold, let Miss Rachel be your confidante! 1-800-356-6169Hello, horny readers! I never get tired of learning about all the different ways there are to experience a single kink. When I first became aware of cuckolding years ago, I assumed that a humiliated cuckold would eventually confront their wife or girlfriend about her infidelity. 

To My former thinking, he’d get his kicks, whether bitter or sweet, from the fact that either a.) she wouldn’t care that he knew, or b.) he would be compelled to acknowledge how much it turned him on. After the reveal, he would either stay and accept perpetual betrayal, anticipate her leaving him, or stay and encourage her, often taking on a participatory role in the cuckold triad ( bull+hot wife+cuckold).

In addition to those described above, there’s a significant portion of the humiliated cuckold population who know from the start. These wives will tell a cuckold husband or boyfriend flat-out that she intends to pursue other men whether he likes it or not.

These make up the majority of cuckold relationships. But I’ve since learned that there are quite a few cuckolds who like it best when they suspect, or even know for a fact, that their partner is cheating, but never intend to confront her at all.

Why may you ask? From those I’ve met and played with, there seem to be a few different reasons.

Sometimes a humiliated cuckold wants to savor in secret.

She’s “having a girl’s night out” or “on a business trip” or “working late” or “visiting family”. Let that be her story, he thinks, because it makes his cock incredibly hard to keep up the pretense of obliviousness. He gets a thrill from nodding at her excuses, kissing her goodbye while thinking, “that mouth will soon be wrapped around her lover’s big dick”, feigning that he’s none the wiser. I can imagine his cock stiffening in his pants as he bids her “have a good time!”

Oh, she’ll be having a good time alright, he thinks to himself.

For the duration of her absence, he lets his imagination run wild. Does her lover meet her at the airport and take her straight to a fancy hotel? Does her boss bend her over a conference table and pound her from behind after everyone else has gone home? Just how much time passes from his kiss goodbye until her legs are over the shoulders of some big-dicked stud, and he’s drilling her to some unimaginable level of ecstasy?

She’s being satisfied more deeply than her husband has ever been able to provide, but because of that, maybe he’s more deeply satisfied, too. Maybe the power of his masturbatory orgasms has never been this intense, imagining his wife cheating on him.

And something about her knowing he knows would change all that.

Humiliated cuckold, let Miss Rachel be your confidante! 1-800-356-6169


Sometimes the humiliated cuckold thinks she’d stop sleeping around if she knew he knew.

From what I’ve learned, the humiliated cuckold who prefers to let his wife or girlfriend keep her “secret” often thinks that if she was found out, she’d stop. She usually really does love her husband or boyfriend, even if he can’t satisfy her sexually. She’d be pursuing her affair in secret shame. She may feel that it’s wrong to cheat on her relationship but admits to herself that the extracurricular dick is just too good to give up, and that what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. But even if “love” doesn’t describe what she feels for her partner, he who knows her best often thinks that she wants to be a cheater, but not to be known as one. 

Sometimes it’s the other way around, and he knows it. What I mean is, he knows that part of the thrill for her is doing it behind his back. If he revealed that he knew, she might continue while proclaiming that she wasn’t, taking pains to be undetectable this time, but there’s a better chance that she’d just consign it to the status of past adventure and stop because it wouldn’t be “her little secret” anymore. 

Sometimes the humiliated cuckold fears that revealing what he knows would pull the trigger on a dying relationship.

Remember what I wrote at the beginning of this post, regarding the styles of cuckold relationship, that in My experience, make up the majority? I wrote that one of the outcomes I was used to, though rarer than the others, was that a wife who’d been cuckolding her husband might leave him for the bigger cock or the more Alpha male. Some debased and divorced beta males can live off of the savor of that ultimate rejection indefinitely.

But many prefer to live in limbo; his wife isn’t fully his sexually, or at all, but at least no one else has to know. He still has the presumption of manhood in the eyes of the public, even if he is being emasculated at home. This type of humiliated cuckold fears that if he were to confront his wife, what he might hear in reply is “Great! I’ve been sticking around because I didn’t know how to tell you. Now that you’ve taken care of that for me, I’ll be seeing a divorce lawyer on Monday.”

All in all, many a humiliated cuckold knows that he’ll never do better than the wife he has. Most have married up in one way or another, and know it. Many are the type for whom an occasional begrudging handjob, for free, from a goddess of a woman society thinks is his, is better than celibacy. Maybe he’s never had so much sex from her as when she started fucking others, and if he has to endure her sleeping around to maintain this, he’s pragmatic enough to know it’s worth it.

There are many ways and means and reasons a cuckold will endure or enjoy his predicament, and for some, equilibrium is kept by keeping it secret.

Interesting, yes?

Are there any of you out there who relate, who strongly suspect or even know for certain that you are being cuckolded, and you hope your wife or girlfriend never finds out that you do? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!


Miss Rachel, an expert on the humiliated cuckold.


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19 comments to Humiliated Cuckold, Do You Prefer That Your Wife Doesn’t Know You Know?

  • Gem Sissy

    Hi Miss Rachel, great blog! I’m not a cuckold-type myself but I do wonder if they don’t want her to know because they feel, as a cuckold, they deserve to be cheated on and don’t deserve for her pleasure to be interrupted dealing with him. They aren’t even worthy enough to protest and make their awareness known. maybe?

    Gem Sissy

    • Rachel

      That’s certainly a good point, Gem Sissy! I’ve never heard that from any of them specifically, so far, but I don’t doubt that some in this situation feel it!

  • Mike

    In our case it is known but not spoken of directly. I know me raising the issue would anger her or at least annoy. Her unwritten expectation is acceptance. It is where it is…and keeps me with her….

  • princess

    Either way works for me….both are humiliating…..But ideally open and thrown in your face (literally and figuratively) is my preference…..Even better if Her friends and Lovers know too!

  • Ms Rachel, humiliated cuckolds pour in by the handful on our lines, every shape and form from willing to not willing and they often will not fluff but what they all seem to have in common is….nope not the small penis but the humiliation factor. I’m pretty amazed at the diversity which makes it most interesting.

  • Interesting discussion Mistress Rachel. I’m currently not being cuckolded to my knowledge but if I was I always thought I’d want us to be open with each other about it. But now I’m not sure maybe I wouldn’t want her to know that I know if it would end up spoiling her fun. Either way I’d be humiliated so that doesn’t factor in. I guess I would want it where my wife was most comfortable either her being open about it or doing it behind my back. The tricky part is I’ll never know which she’d prefer cause it’s not like what’s known and open could ever be flipped the other way.

  • This is a really insightful post Ms. Rachel. Sometimes a secret is just plain sexy. The subtlety of not outwardly acknowledging something can make the passion grow that much stronger. I know quite a few kinksters that like to keep their fetishes a secret because then they enjoy them more that way keeping it to themselves. Great post!

  • cuckold_scottie

    Hello Mistress Rachel, thank You for posting Your observations about this, and thank You for reading my pathetic comment, Mistress. The Beautiful and Amazing Mistress Jenna will tell You, if She deems it interesting and worth Her time, that my Wife’s sex life is none of my business, Mistress. i-i don’t ask questions, and She prefers to keep me out of it, Mistress. She knows that i know, She also expects me to quietly accept it and work on being a better houseboy. Mistress Jenna will fill You in on why i’m such a useless boy in bed. *blush*

    • Rachel

      Ooh, I like that, “None of [your] business]”! I wonder if you and I and Miss Jenna haven’t spent some time together! You seem familiar. Thanks for your input as a cuckold!

  • cuckold_scottie

    Th-thank You, Mistress R-Rachel for reading and posting my pathetic remark, Mistress. i love Mistress Jenna *blush*, but am completely unworthy of Her. W/we (You and i) may have spoken a long time ago, Mistress, i doubt You remember too much about it, Mistress, i’m a forgettable loser, Mistress Rachel. Mistress Jenna only remembers my impotent cucky ass because of Her peerless intellect, but i am not worthy of Her time or attention and yet She has been so generous to permit me a brief *blush* audience, Mistress Rachel. i know that i am also unworthy of Your time, and because of that i am grateful that You would even read my little comment. Thank You, Mistress Rachel.

  • Pupslave

    So this isn’t really related to the content at all, but the photo of You in the middle makes me absolutely weak. Then again, there’s a lot about You, Goddess, that drives me to my knees.

  • Yeah about the occasional begrudging handjobs, I’m lucky if I even get THAT anymore. Lately my wife tosses me the lube and says, “Here you go, masturbator, just do your thing.”

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