Or bad.  Sometimes it hurts bad.  But with fans of impact play, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference! 


I have a well-developed sadistic streak, as is well known to those who’ve played with Me or read My blog for long enough.  It doesn’t rise to the level of a fetish, where it has to be present in order for Me to get off, but when playing with a submissive, it’s usually there in some flavor, whether psychological or physical.  It’s a singular treat, therefore, when I get the chance to practice some impact play on a willing masochist.  I am very careful when engaging in impact play over the phone, because believe it or not, I trust Myself more than I do a pain slut, overcome by lust and endorphin, to administer stimulation that remains on the right side of the line between erotic punishment and injury.

Impact Play Keeps A Subbie In Their Place!

I know not everyone likes pain in their play, but I kind of wish more submissives who were into other kinks were open to a little bit along with it.  A side-dish of corporeal punishment, if you will.  I’ve written more extensively before about how pain is a wonderful tool in all kinds of FemDom training, but suffice it to say here that for those who need a certain inducement to follow directions, whether it be to finally make that trip to Victoria’s Secret for a bra fitting for a recalcitrant sissy, or for an orgasm denial pet to take his Mistress seriously when She says “no cumming”, a little pain is a great way to both reinforce authority on the part of a Mistress, and to focus the mind of the submissive on obedience.

Impact Play Makes Some Sluts Cum!

But you know what’s really fun?  Getting My pretty little manicured hands on a real pain piggy, someone who simply likes physical punishment for its own sake, because they actually, whether mentally, physically, or both, enjoy it!  Some of My favorite sessions have been with those who have actually become more and more erect every time I direct them to do something to themselves that “hurts”.

What’s My favorite variety of impact play?  Definitely spanking.

I think it’s because it (usually) combines some variation of the abject posture of submission (elbows and knees, ass up in the air) that I crave, along with exposure of a man’s ass, which has all kinds of socially-ingrained messages inherent in it.  Also, the ass is meaty yet sensitive, and therefore can take a lot of punishment with a minimum of concern about an actual injury being sustained.  Lastly, since I’m a very sound-oriented person, there’s nothing so satisfying as the resounding smack a spanking tool makes on the cheeks of a boy’s ass.

Are you a fan of impact play, or at least curious?  Feel free to remark in the comments. And maybe, just maybe, getting in touch to give it a try!  I promise I’ll be gentle . . . at first.  *wink*