Hello, Horny Readers!  Are you ever in for a treat!  Here is a guest blog post from the beautiful Miss Delia on a subject near and dear to My heart:  Impact Play!

Impact Play: It’s So Much More Than Just Spanking

With a lot of my submissives and slaves – phone and real-life – they get this idea that all there is to impact play is spanking.  They want to be taken over my knee, tied to my spanking bench, or just lie down on the bed with their pale, white asses just inviting me to warm them up!  Impact Play is so much more than that.  There are so many other implements and toys we can use, and it doesn’t have to be focused just on your ass.

More Toys, More Fun

I have quite the collection of impact play toys.  Paddles, crops, whips, floggers and canes, just to name a few.  You can even use household object such as a wooden spoon or a spatula, slippers, a bath brush!  One of the fun things I like to do is have a slave get naked for me, take his belt out of his pants and hand it to me so I can beat him with it!  The point is, you don’t just have to be confined to a hand spanking.  Any one of these toys can get that nice rosy color I like on those naughty cheeks!

And You Don’t Have To Be Limited To The Ass

I can use just about all of those toys on you when I have you over my knee.  Whips and floggers are a bit difficult to swing from that angle, so that’s when I get you on the spanking bench, a St. Andrews Cross, or I just tie you up in the center of the room with your arms over your head and a spreader bar in between your ankles.  That one I like the best, because I have full access to your naked, willing body, and I can roam around flogging your ass, your sholders, your back, Your thighs and legs, and even your nipples.

And there’s nothing quite like the look of terror that comes across a submissive’s face when I aim that cat-o-nine tails right between his legs!

See, Impact Play is so much more than JUST spanking!

Thanks to Ms. Rachel for hosting this blog for me. I hope to return the favor soon over on my blog!


It’s never a bad day to see a photo of Miss Delia, or to absorb some of Her Femdom wisdom, is it pets?  If you’d like to hear Her read this post, click here!

Thank you, Miss Delia!