Hello, Horny Readers!

I pose a question to you:  Is coerced feminization more humiliating without girly grooming?

I ask because tonight I was thinking back over what one thing characterizes most of My feminization training sessions.   So many who come to Me yearning to be humiliated and excited by being coerced into putting on pretty, girly things focus on the clothes.  They are aroused by the idea of being made to put on bras and panties and stockings and such.  But I always tell them that if they can get away with it (some have housemates or partners who don’t know about their kinks and would notice if there were changes like this), feminization should work from the inside out.

My regular readers and playmates know that for Me, the exploration of almost any kink starts by getting into the psychological space that allows them to surrender both to the kink, and to Me.  With feminization, after a few tweaks to what’s going on between the ears of a girly-pet, I usually either fantasize with them about, or try to seduce them into the idea of doing something a little more daring and a little more long-lasting than putting on lingerie–namely, removing body hair, putting on makeup, and even getting a mani-pedi at a spa with their newly-shaved legs.  But that got me thinking . . . would it be even more humiliating to be made to dress and act “girly” if you were still obviously and overtly masculine in terms of grooming?

Which would make you squirm more:  Putting on a pink satin maid’s uniform, stockings, toque, and breast forms after having removed all of your body hair and plucking your eyebrows into a nice feminine arch, or putting on the same outfit when you’ve got five o’clock shadow, or better yet, a mustache and goatee?  Would you feel more humiliated with nice smooth legs under those stockings, or profuse and curly leg hair in evidence under the nylon?

Tonight I was wondering whether or not it might be more humiliating not to be allowed to remove some of the surface trappings of masculinity when putting on feminine clothes!  What do you think?