Dear readers, one of the best ways to ensure that you have a wonderful session lies in choosing the right phone sex Mistress. One of my ongoing aims at is to help my readers get to know me, in terms of who I am as a person, my erotic experiences and tastes, as well as what one can expect from me in an erotic phone sex session.

It may seem counterintuitive for me to tell you what I don’t favor, rather than telling you what I do, but I would rather have it known if there is a fantasy with which I do not connect well, so that another Mistress with the ability to facilitate that fantasy will bring you the experience you truly need.

There aren’t many kinks with which I cannot connect erotically. Within certain parameters, I look forward to having my horizons broadened. But I think everyone knows what simply doesn’t work for them, open mind or no.

So it’s fair to ask, in the universe of kink, is Miss Rachel ever submissive? Does Miss Rachel “switch”?

Well readers, the short answer to that question is “no”. At least not if I can help it.

I adore the D/s dynamic. I value subordinates, as they are essential to my pleasure. But I am decidedly on the D side of it. I love to take a man (or woman), to sweep them up into my imagination like a hawk dropping out of the sky to snare a meal, whether it be for the purpose of guided masturbation, encouraging crossdressing, or even kinkier scenarios. πŸ˜‰ It makes me flush with excitement and my body pulse with adrenaline. But I have never responded emotionally, psychologically, or physically to being subject to anyone else’s control.

I’ve tried it in my personal life, and the best way to describe it is like wearing a suit of ill-fitting, scratchy clothes, added to the reflexive enacting of a sense of righteous indignation borne of the feeling that it is simply not where I belong. If you are heterosexual, both in life and in fantasy, imagine being coerced to suck cock. It must be similar to that.

Ideally, I will have had contact with someone before our session, whether in YIM chat, through Enchantrix Empire, the Community Kink chatroom, or via a pre-session E-mail conversation.

This is the avenue in which I can gently suggest to someone who’s feeling dominant that I am not likely the best dreamweaver for him. I find that most inquiring potential callers appreciate my honesty.

Maybe some of you are thinking, well, as long as the caller can’t tell that you aren’t truly invested in the fantasy, what does it matter?

Dear readers, it matters to me. You and I are taking a psychological as well as a physical journey together. It may be that the psychological journey plays more of a role than what one does mechanically. You are making yourself vulnerable to me (or at least I hope you are. *sinister giggle*), and I believe that vulnerability deserves my honest and wholehearted investment.

So this, for those who wondered, is my position statement with regard to the potential for Miss Rachel to function as a submissive in role play phone sex. I hope this has been useful information and food for thought, especially for the purposes of encouraging some of you in determining whether you are submissive or dominant, or perhaps a mixture of both. There’s room for all of us in the sexual kingdom, and with regard to a successful phone sex fantasy session, or any sexual experience, it can only be helpful to figure out your place in it.