Hello, Horny Readers!

If you’ve been following along, you’re probably wondering what I’ll have to say about the concepts of “harm” and “sickness” as they relate to long term orgasm denial.  I decided these concepts were important to discuss, because they are connected in any hypothetical condemnation of the fetish.  After all, one of the ways that someone might decide whether or not any practice is healthful is whether or not it causes harm to the person practicing it, physically or psychologically.  Today, I will do my best to tackle physical harm.

Is extended chastity harmful to the body?

Namely, is it harmful to the cock, the balls, the prostate, the skin, or any part of the body for a man to cease ejaculation?  The short answer, which shouldn’t surprise you, is no.

If mechanical means are being used to control the capacity for erection, masturbation, and ejaculation, it’s important that you (and your Mistress, if you have one) take the time to find the right chastity device for you.  You should:

  • take the proper measurements to ensure the best fit
  • take your activity level into consideration and if necessary choose a cage that is made to accommodate an active lifestyle
  • watch for skin irritation, which is usually a sign of a poor fit or improper hygiene
  • make sure that you follow the standard protocols for proper hygiene (basically, keep things clean and dry as much as possible, except for a bit of lube before reconfinement), and
  • give yourself time to get used to the device, building up your time in chastity gradually before indefinite confinement begins.

Care does need to be taken, however, of the prostate, making sure to engage in prostate milking no less frequently than every three months, whether you are cock locked or simply relying on desire, willpower, and submission to refrain.  This will allow for a dribbling sort of ejaculation, but no orgasm, the same way that a prostate exam at the doctor’s office makes you ejaculate but doesn’t make you cum.  Expressing of the seminal fluid which builds up through prostate massage keeps it healthy, and does not disrupt abstinence.

“Well wait a minute”, the skeptic might say, “Isn’t it painful?  Doesn’t the male undergoing chastity training experience pain, and isn’t pain an indication that harm is being done?”

No, and no.

Any chastity Mistress worth Her salt will caution Her chastised slave to tap into his body’s natural ability to differentiate between pain and discomfort.  Most people have experienced the type of pain that immediately tells them something isn’t right.  Stop whatever it is you are doing.  It is acute, persistent, and tends to get worse when you don’t tend to it. Pain signifies injury.

Discomfort, on the other hand, is what anyone who has ever pushed their body in any way recognizes as par for the course of getting stronger.  Discomfort is something to be pushed through, to be mastered in favor of a greater goal.  With time and perseverance, discomfort, while it may never disappear completely, recedes into the background, and doesn’t disrupt in any meaningful way the carrying on of one’s life.  Ask any athlete the difference between pain and discomfort, and you will understand.

Next, does extended chastity and orgasm denial cause psychological harm?