Hello, Horny Readers!

This series was inspired by a brief exchange I had with a friend on Enchantrix Empire.  It began with him positing that in his opinion, orgasm denial is ultimately about the increased pleasure that results when the male chastity slave finally receives permission to release, and that complete denial (no ejaculation, ever) has no erotic content.  He likened the desire for that type and level of dominance and submission to disordered self-abuse, akin to addiction to drugs or alcohol, reasoning that just because someone enjoys something or seeks something out, it doesn’t mean it’s good for them or that it’s healthy.

It probably goes without saying that I disagree.

This isn’t the first time I have heard one person remark on the kink of another as being somehow disordered, whether within the environs of our kinky social network or another kink venue I frequent, and while I admit that it always annoys me,  this time it also made me stop and think.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that in general I have had pleasant exchanges with the person in question, full of simpatico, so disregarding him and his opinion was harder for me to do.  Perhaps it’s because he did couch his opinions with the qualifying language which signifies that something is only true for that person, and that however strongly they may hold to that opinion, there may be room for someone else to intelligently protest that a personal conviction does not equal universal truth.  What ever the impetus, to read something from him that seemed so stridently judgemental and closed-minded, just made me squirm in a manner that seemed to require contemplation, and eventually, remark.

I’ve had much more clear-cut and visceral emotional reactions to those who judge the kink of others (the evidence of which you can see in my rant in a group I started on Enchantrix Empire regarding a different interaction with someone who was less delicate in their judgement ), but this person, although his position annoyed and to an extent, offended me, did not bring out my wrath as others have.  He made me think.  How does one respond to someone who believes that there can be no erotic content in extended orgasm denial, and that those who seek it are sick?  Over the next couple of posts, I’m going to share the fruits of my ruminations, both to get them straight in my own head, to defend the small community of extended chastity enthusiasts I’ve come to know, and to invite further conversation.

Hope you’ll stay tuned!