Well, not that kind of hand.


Okay, let’s leave it at more than one kind of hand! *giggle*

For THIS one, W/e need you to reminisce!

We Mistresses are getting together a little something special in celebration of the SIXTEENTH ANNIVERSARY of the GetGirlie Sissy School boards, coming next month!

Mistress Ally was the very first member in February of 2004, and since then, so many of you have enjoyed the conversation, the tips, the confessions, and yes, the audios, crafted by the Mistresses of LDW just for you! We’d like your input on which audios have really helped you, titillated, you, deliciously humiliated you, or inspired you!

But wait–you don’t have to limit yourself to those audios on GetGirlie! Have you found one on a particular LDW Mistress’  blog? What about one of Our group blogs oriented toward you gurly gurls, like Sissyville? All audios are welcome, as long as they are from LDW/Enchantrix Empire environs!

Just leave it in a comment below, preferably in the form of a link to the audio itself!

If you’re willing to have your screen name or an alias shouted out with your recommendation, please indicate that that’s the case!

Got it?