Hello, Horny Readers! I know a great deal of what turns a number of you on, since when you’re horny and in the mood to stroke you often call Me to share what’s on your mind. When you don’t have the time or the inclination to call, you probably fantasize about many of the same things. Well, I’m no different. My masturbation fantasies involve a lot of the same things I talk to you about when you call.

My masturbation fantasies are the same as yours!

That’s right, I don’t “phone it in” when you phone in! If you’re talking to Me, it’s because I’m at least intrigued by what’s making your pants (or panties) tight. The vast majority of the time, I’m not just intrigued, but aroused! I like to tell prospective and confirmed playmates that I’m good at fantasizing, but not at pretending. So if W/e’ve made it all the way through a session together, it’s because I’m turned on, too!

How much does Mistress masturbate?

Well, that depends. Perhaps masturbation is on My mind because Adam just left town before Thanksgiving, and I don’t have My preferred means of orgasm at hand anymore. I’m not quite going through withdrawal yet, since in the week before he left for the cold season We probably fucked and licked and sucked each other an average of twice a day. But the time when I start to miss His touch (and, let’s face it, His cock) is coming sooner rather than later, and it will give Me the chance to get reacquainted with Myself, by Myself.

But to answer the question, during the peak of missing Him over the long, cold Winter, I probably masturbate every other day. Sometimes every day for a spell, but the default is probably every other day.

Adam features highly in My masturbation fantasies.

I suppose given the above, and the many other adoring blog posts I’ve written where He’s concerned, it’s no surprise that My love and lover of 10 years is a frequent guest star in My internal erotic world. I think about some of My favorite times We’ve fucked, the sights and sounds of his arousal and orgasm, as well as the intensity of the orgasms he gives Me. The memory of being caressed, kissed, fondled, teased, and licked until I’m sopping wet and begging for his cock, and then His helpless trembling and moaning (that never seems to change no matter how long We’ve been together) when He slowly oozes it inside never fails to make Me flush all over and reach for My clit.

And of course, I think back on some of the hottest times We’ve spent with Our submissives, too. But Adam is the star in those fantasies even then.

Sometimes My masturbation fantasies are more general.

I don’t watch much porn, but when I do, it’s usually gay porn with a defined D/s dynamic. One is the hungry bottom boy, and one is the aggressive, horny, hung top. A lot of My fantasies, therefore, revolve around that. I love to see an absolutely depraved cocksucker take a great big dick down to the balls while looking right into the camera with a glazed, surrendered stare. I love a mouthy top who praises his bottom boy even as he may use him hard.

But this type of porn is hard to find, and just like My fingers, My brain knows exactly what I want, and can formulate it in My minds’ eye better than any porn studio.

I also love a bottom, whether male or female, who includes analingus in the head they give, and while finding that little ingredient is possible, being attracted to everything about both people in the scene as well as the chemistry between them, isn’t as easy. I’m better off, once again, just conjuring up what I want to see between My own pretty little ears.

Sometimes I feature in My own masturbation fantasies!

I  often imagine doing things I don’t do much in real life, or that don’t seem feasible in real life, like eating the perfect pussy. As I’ve said many times, I’m generally heterosexual, but once in a while, I get a serious hankering for kissing the kitty cat. As with most of My fantasies, there’s an element of D/s involved. I like to think of a multiorgasmic pillow princess whose legs I can wrench open and whose feminine flower I can feast upon, making her cum over and over until she’s babbling nonsense and her thighs are trembling.

I’ll let you in on a little piece of dialog from this scene that never fails to get Me wet:

(Just after I tongue rape her mouth for a prolonged period and manhandle her boobs and ass a bit)

Me: “How long does Miss Rachel eat pussy for?”

Her: “Until Miss Rachel is done eating pussy!”


Well now, W/e’ve gotten to know each other a little better, haven’t W/e?

Did that make you all tingly?

What part of My masturbation fantasies made you tingle the most?

Feel free to share in the comments, and of course, feel free to get in touch for a session, where W/e can explore any commonalities between O/ur tastes!

Thanks, as always, for reading!


Miss Rachel, here for your masturbation fantasies, and Her own!