Strong, sexy, and sweet.

I suppose I could be biased, given that one of My major turn-ons is an accent, but I am always happy when the other voice joining Me in putting a subbie in his place is sprinkled with Miss Christine’s Georgia sweetness.  I don’t know about you, but a Southern accent conjures images of hospitality, cordiality, plenty, unrushed but potent passion, lush scenery, and laid-back fun. Interestingly enough, those descriptors characterize rather well the vibe I remember in the two Mistress phone sex calls we’ve shared together.

In terms of hospitality and cordiality, Miss Christine always makes a submissive feel welcome to Our domain.  Her desire to make sure a caller is comfortable, prepared to be vulnerable, and to enjoy himself is sincere.  There have been times when I was ready to swoop out of the skies and attack like a hawk on a field mouse, and just by Her example and through just a few sentences, She reminded Me to take it easy, to lure, to tease, to seduce.  At the same time, if you just listen to Her voice sample, you will never mistake the care She takes for sentimentality.

In terms of plenty and lush scenery, well, look at Her!  Those juicy curves invite you in, tempt you to caress, but Her toned, gym-fit MILF-next-door body is prepared for as hard a ride as you can take.  In Our two Mistress calls, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve most often been the One to push the gas pedal to the floor, but when it’s the right time, She is right there with Me. Both in looks, imagination, and energy, Miss Christine is ready for almost anywhere a boy may want to go, at what ever level of intensity.

This is where that un-rushed but potent passion comes in.  Have you ever had the chance to drive or ride in a truly limited edition vehicle, the kind where the uninitiated think it’s simply vulgar to spend as much on a car as some people spend on their homes? Well, I felt that way, until I rode in one and felt the difference.  The increase in speed isn’t felt through the body of the car, but inside of you, with a ride so smooth that you tune in from the relaxed state you were tooling along in just seconds ago to find that at some point, you have picked up the kind of speed that blurs the scenery outside your window. That has been Christine’s type of magic in the two Mistress calls we’ve shared.

The laid-back fun is evident in the way W/e almost always laugh a little together, where the most profound humiliation can be rendered without judgement, where the filthiest talk floats in the energy of a plain old good time, smooth and bracing and intoxicating like sipping whiskey.

About Me, Miss Christine has said:  “I’ve done quite a few two Mistress calls with Miss Rachel over the years and have always enjoyed sharing fantasies and pets with Her. The thing that strikes Me most about Her is how She can be either sensual or strict, and demanding without ever losing that sexy sweet demeanor of Hers . . . almost like a wickedly sexy spider drawing you into Her web and you defenseless to deny Her . . . it’s fun to hear and watch . . . and of course to join in on!”

Well thank You, Miss Christine.  It’s been a pleasure.  I look forward to many more two Mistress calls with You and some lucky boy in the future.

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