Living on the edge? Or merely just hoping to dangle from the erotic dance of arousal and release?

Oh the wondrous things one can do to induce a state of near hysteria in an unsuspecting man-toy! Hold on to your balls boys since the idea of edge-play often makes even the most self-possessed, disciplined strokers among you shake and quake under the influence of a diabolical domina. You will become malleable man putty in my skilled grasp way before realize the danger of allowing such a seemingly sweet gal full control over that dick.

The best part is edging lends itself effortlessly to combining with other fetishes. So you may find yourself opening up to ideas and kinks you never thought of or experienced before. Which is exactly why thrusting you over the brink of what you thought was your breaking point of orgasmic release, is just what you want and need. It’s the perfect incentive to expand where that internal line is drawn when you are trying desperately to please your princess and get in her good favor. Otherwise, there is no telling just how long you will have to wait to get to coddle that cock.

Of course it really comes down to you. What choice will you make when I ask you to try something new and different? How far do you want to dance outside your comfort zone? Knowing that the navigation into such realms is never predestined or planned is what keeps it so seductive.

–Thanks the always lovely Ms. Rachel for hosting my post xoxo

-Mistress Fiona