Often I’ve been asked which is my favorite fetish to indulge during a kinky phone sex session. My answer depends on the day, and sometimes on the person with whom I’m having phone sex. When a perfect storm forms, however, between incredible chemistry with a strokeboy and the singular deliciousness of the tease and denial fetish, I would have to name those sessions as my favorite.

One thing I’ve learned from all of the warm memories I’ve collected from playing tease and denial games with so many of you throbbing members is that it’s teasing your cock that I love the most, more than long term orgasm denial. Oh, don’t get me wrong–I love to dangle you over the edge, with ecstasy-filled oblivion just one word of consent away, only to reel you back in again and again. I love to say “no”, while the agony of anticipation causes sweat to bead on your upper lip, and waves of frustrated desire wash over your whole body.

But sometimes I like teasing without the denial even better. I love feeling so connected to a strokeboy that I can picture each word floating from my mouth and trailing like the feathery touch of my fingers down the hot, throbbing, blood engorged muscle, hearing that touch met with the moans of desperation and ecstasy that make me squeeze my thighs together with satisfaction. I consume those reactions like fine chocolate, savoring them as they melt down over us both. And if a strokeboy is not in need of complete erotic sexual denial (as some are), allowing him to release at the end of such satisfying teasing is like a distillation of all of the sensations we’ve floated through together.

My next post will be comprised of some short remembrances of some of my favorite tease and denial sessions over the last several months. If you don’t recognize yourself in any of the remembrances, it certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t value my time with you as much as any other, so please feel free to remember our time together in the comments section below if you’d like, or any other memorable tease and denial sessions you’ve had with another amazing cockteasing Mistress of LDW.

As always, thanks for reading. May we meet in the pleasurespace soon. *wink*