Hello Horny Readers!

Remember the post I did a while back about Tease and Denial for beginners?  If you missed it, you can read it here.  If you remember it, and felt that it resonated with you, but you find it hard to have the privacy required to try out a Tease and Denial session with Me voice to voice, or you’re simply feeling shy, I’ve got good news:  I’m releasing an erotic audio you can purchase through our online audio store.  Download and listen in the privacy of your own bedroom, or anywhere else you can find where you won’t be interrupted!

I thought this audio was an especially good idea for those on a tight budget, because although there is a cost outlay at first, you can listen to it over and over again.  I think that boys who are new at relinquishing control of their orgasms to a FemDom Mistress, who loves to cocktease, will find it hard to get all the way through anyway, and more than one listen may be required to build up stamina!

Since this is the first audio I’ll be submitting to the audio store, I’m celebrating by offering something a little extra to those who decide to purchase it.  At the end of the audio, I’ll be uttering a special phrase, a password of sorts.  Contact me via email (Rachel@enchantrixempire.com)  or Yahoo Instant Messenger (username:  enchantrixrachel) with the phrase, and I will send you a picture of Me and my pretty boobies, lounging in bed after a nice, hard orgasm or three!

Sound like fun?  Well save up some pennies and some cum for me, grab a towel and some lube, and download yourself some Tease and Denial training, Miss Rachel style!

Meanwhile, enjoy a little sample below!  I’ll add a direct link to the audio in the store when it’s up!

And here it is!