Hello, Horny Readers! Do you like to be naked and humiliated? There are so many erotic roleplays, scenarios, and ways to explore!

The weather is warming up where I am. Not only does it feel great to wear less Myself, but My mind wanders to all the ways I can exploit your nakedness, both in fantasy and reality!

I wouldn’t say I’m an exhibitionist, but I’m very comfortable naked. Even I would experience a slight shame reaction, however, if I were caught nude in an inappropriate context. I assume most of U/s feel that way.

As members of society, W/e tacitly acknowledge certain social contracts. Many of U/s feel at least a little embarrassed when W/e breach one. The Western world (especially) is always trying to evolve beyond the puritanical. Maybe those of U/s from cultures where Puritans left their most indelible mark associate nakedness with an undercurrent of shame, free of context, more than others.

I frown on repression in most forms. I scoff at prudish mores most of the time. But all the same, I’m grateful for them. Were so many of you not subconsciously subject to them, I’d be having a lot less fun with Femdom phone sex.

Let’s delve deeper into some of the ways I like to exploit your shame!

A caveat.

First, let’s get something straight: I acknowledge that getting naked for Me requires vulnerability. I don’t inflict a sardonic or critical eye on just anyone.

Say you want to get naked on cam. I love it when you show yourself to Me. I honor the vulnerability it requires. I’m focused on your kink, not any flaws you may have or perceive yourself to have.

If you connect with Me for anal training, for example, I’m so excited to be sticking something in your ass by proxy that most of the time I’m not even aware of what the rest of you looks like. If you’re a sissy who wants Mistress to dress He/r from the skin out, I’m focused on making you feel as feminized as possible, and nothing else.

Each of the above scenarios can involve an undercurrent of humiliation, or maybe even a huge wave. But unless you beg for otherwise, it’s your kinky slutty desires that are the focus of My (mostly) sweet tone wrapped around a sharp tongue. Overall I’m there to facilitate and enjoy your kink. I’ll never leave someone naked and humiliated without their consent.

That said, when you do consent, it satisfies not only the part of Me that delights in flouting convention, but My sadistic streak as well.

So let’s talk about that, shall W/e?

Naked and humiliated: I love it when you love it.

Even when you’re sniveling, begging for reprieve, or filling the air with mortified moans, I can see that little penis is stiff as a popsicle stick or slutty dripping from the tip of your chastity cage. I know you love to hear Me point out that what you’re rubbing, or begging to rub, doesn’t count as a cock and doesn’t deserve to be touched.

And definitely give Me humiliation with a strap-on. Assume the position, dong holster. Face that slutty ass toward the camera. Put your forehead on the floor. Reach back with both hands and spread those cheeks. You’re not allowed to be demure about that slut cave. I especially love it, and note it, when it seems your starfish has already had some wrinkles ironed out of it.

Now push that pathetic pindick back between your legs so W/e can both acknowledge why I’m the top in this scene.

Oh sissy, you were destined to be a feminized cum catcher. How else do you explain that ass? That’s a woman’s ass if I’ve ever seen one. And look at those titties! Are you on those herbals? Because those are tits. W/e’re going to use some suction to make those nipples even bigger!

Get a load of those DSL’s, cocksucker! Is that from having them dragged in and out by a fat shaft so many times, or was that the Femdom universe deciding, like O/ur sissy friend, that you should be built to slurp and suck?

I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

You? *wink*

Hooray for humiliation roleplay!

When W/e’re voice to voice, W/e can explore public humiliation. Believe Me, I wish it were in the realm of safe, sane, and consensual for you to live out some of these situations in the naked and humiliated flesh, but I want to toy with you on this side of a jail cell. Roleplay allows you to be naked and humiliated in a way that’s less direct, but no less satisfying for Me.

So many of you love to visit those worlds of imagination where you are exposed with no clothes. Coerced to strip in front of a class where you’re the only male, girls pointing and laughing. The cruel Professor Rachel won’t let you cup your hands in front of your shame.

Dr. Rachel Enchantrix, M.D., simply must have a semen sample. Well of course the nurses need to be here. This is a teaching hospital. Oh yes, CFNM and the medical fetish are two great tastes that go great together!

Cuckold husband, you need a visceral display of why you aren’t enough for Me. Wrap your hand around both My boyfriend’s cock, and yours. Side by side. You’re not even half the man he is, lengthwise or width!

Oh! Excuse Me, I didn’t know this dressing room was taken. Heeeey! What are you doing in here, pantyboi? This is the women’s dressing room! You’ve ruined those panties! Take them off, and then march right up to the counter in front of the whole store and pay for them, or We’re calling the police!

Let’s go to the beach, pee wee. That was just that one time! When are you going to get over that? No, I won’t ever pull your swim trunks down in front of the pretty girls again. Promise. Pinky swear.

Have you been naked and humiliated?

Would you like to be?

Did you resonate with any of the scenarios above? Have you ever explored any of them? Maybe some other I didn’t mention. Do you fantasize about being exposed somehow, naked as the day you were born? Exploited? Humiliated sexually?

Do you need to be naked and humiliated to get off? Or is one the garnish and one the main course? Which is which?

Have you and I played together with naked humiliation? Expose yourself for My readers like you exposed yourself for Me. Tell everyone what happened, and how hard it made you cum.

Have you and I never played before, but reading this post has touched on some hidden desires?

Get in touch, and I’ll have you naked and humiliated before you can change your mind!

Thanks for reading,


Goddess Rachel, Humiliatrix