Hello, Horny Readers! I love to train a naked servant. Their nakedness and their usefulness are a complete package for My satisfaction. They go together. And believe it or not, training a naked servant via Femdom phone sex is both doable, and entertaining.

Most of you should be familiar by now with the CFNM kink. In case you’re not, CFNM stands for covered female, naked male. I’ll bet it’s part of what turns many of you on in the exercise of your own kinks, though perhaps subconsciously, and it makes sense: Part of submission is vulnerability, and what could make you feel more vulnerable than being naked in the presence of your Goddess, even if the main event for you is what happens after that?

A CFNM slave, however, gets the bulk of their satisfaction from that detail. It’s the kinks that go with it that are the side dishes. It might be enough for a CFNM slave to be naked in My presence, but I need more than that. I enjoy their vulnerability, but it’s even more enjoyable when they’re useful. In fact, enjoying the vulnerability of a naked servant is easier when that vulnerability makes their attempt to be useful even more of a challenge!

A naked servant for My friends and I

The reality is, you and I will never meet in the flesh. But that doesn’t mean I can’t put you through your paces by training you for service that might end up benefiting a dominant woman in your life outside of the fantasies W/e share. That’s what Skype is for.

You can practice, under My eye, mixing drinks, traying and carrying them gracefully and quietly, imagining a living room full of Myself and My Mistress friends, impeccably dressed, awaiting O/ur cocktails. You can practice awareness of the way the tray bisects your body at the waist, and the way your dangle-y bits and hid-y-hole in the back are completely open for exploitation. In fact, if you choose to invest in, say, this butt plug from one of the only truly long-distance remote control toy lines I’ve ever found, I can make your composure training just that much more of a challenge!

I wish someone would make a long-distance remote-controlled cock ring, or even a chastity cage with a vibration or shrinking feature!

Naked and humiliated for My entertainment!

There are other ways to serve besides the literal. Often, the only purpose a naked servant need serve for Mistress is amusement! Throw in a little erotic discomfort, and a good time will be had by all! And by all, I mean Me!

Will you do a little dance for Me, perhaps? Maybe with these, to make it more musical! They look like the pincer end is sturdy enough to attach to your balls as well. You could turn yourself into a veritable jingling Christmas tree for Me, albeit slightly out of season!

And isn’t this pretty? A regular reader and sometimes playmate, princess, assures Me that at least s/he can lock a humbler onto he/rself, so it stands to reason that you could, too! And then cringe from both the discomfort, and My peals of humiliating laughter as you crawl for Me and try to maintain a posture that doesn’t pull on your balls!

CFNM purists?

Tell Me, those of you who consider CFNM your primary kink, would having toys or tools involved count as being dressed somehow? I suppose the items I mention above could be considered jewelry. But never fear–you and I can weave a world where you could be My useful and vulnerable naked servant with no toys or tools to aid you! A scene with you as My bodyservant, for example, naked on your knees before Me while you give Me a foot massage, or paint My toenails. I, of course, would be covered everywhere but said feet.

Perhaps you like it best when it’s acknowledged that you aren’t even worthy of seeing that much of My skin. Perhaps you like it best when I am dressed from head to toe in latex and leather, you are of course stark naked, and if you are lucky you will be allowed to stroke your cock while contemplating what lies beneath the garments that snugly outline My curves.

Perhaps you have other ideas. Chime in, why don’t you, in the comments below! What do you like out of all that I’ve described in this post? What naked servant fantasies do you have that you might like to explore in session?


Miss Rachel, conducting naked servant interviews by phone!


P.S.:  Would you like to hear Me read this post? Press play below!